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  1. Sorry to hear but I cannot reproduce this on my computer, just tried all kinds of brushes, no laggy issues, however. Maybe you can have a look at this link: https://fixthephoto.com/wacom-tablet-lagging.html
  2. My Windows 10 desktop shows no problems with the Paint Brush tool. AF version is identical to yours: I tested with a (real) old fashioned mouse and a Wacom Intuos tablet. What peripheral do you use? Mouse, tablet?
  3. Assuming Windows 10 there is. This needs some steps: 1) Richt click the Affinity Photo shortcut on the desktop, so the context menu is shown. 2) Click Properties (the bottom item). 3) Click the Compatibility tab. 4) Click the "Change high DPI settings" button. 5) Click the blue text "Open Advanced scaling settings". 6) In the Advanced scaling settings windows, type (for example) 150 in the custom scaling input box. 7) Click the Apply button. 8 ) Sign out (log out of windows and login again) 9 ) Start Affinity Photo Good luck, Aad.
  4. Converting NEF (Nikon RAW) to TIFF is new to me. I did a lot of focus merge for macro foto's past spring and never was disappointed. However, next time I will follow this workflow just because i am curious 🙂
  5. Greetings, Shortcut for brush sizes Ctrl [ and Ctlr ]. That is by definition a keyboard action. I don't see a Wacom tablet performing this? Could you please explain how ?
  6. Yes of course. Here is the .afphoto file. This .afphoto file is a rather straightforward result of Developing a NEF image (Nikon). knotwilg.afphoto
  7. Dear Support, I have a nasty issue when with the printing of _some_, but not all, of my pictures. The software and hardware I use is AF version connected to an Epson XP-55. I also use Photoshop reelase 21.1.1 in order to compare printing results. The Epson Drivers are up to date as well. When printing I configure both Photoshop and Affiniy Photo to use the Epson provided ‘Epson XP55 Series Premium Glossy’ ICC profile and yes both Photoshop and Affiniy Photo have been configured to do Colorhandling in the application and not in the printer. And yes the XP55 printer driver has been configured as well to do ‘No Color Adjustment’. The image specified here (printertestfileflat_original.jpg) is an image that is printer almost perfectly both by PS and AF. (see attachments) This image (knotwilg_original.jpg ) is almost perfectly printed by PS but the print result in AF is WAY TOO DARK. The dark image (knotwilg_as_printed_approximate.jpg) is a simulation of what I get on paper. Since this 'way to dark printing result' only occurs occasionally I suspect it to be some kind of bug in the ICC printing profile calculation somewhere inside AF. Please advice, Aad Slingerland.
  8. As far as I know not when creating a panorama. But afterwards (when the panorama has been stitched) the Document Size and Canvas Size can be adjusted as usual (Menu, Document, Resize Document or Resize Canvas)
  9. Previously I used a reset procedure by holding down the Control key (Windows) and than launching the Affinity Photo application. In the latest release ( nothing happen except a small initial window that (always?) pops up for a while when the application is loaded. The Affinity Photo process can be ended in Task Manager. Regards, Aad Slingerland
  10. It seems to me you are missing a Toolbar. I dont see the 'standard' menu bar either. Press Ctrl-Alt T to show the Toolbar.
  11. Thanks you for the clarification. However, my question is not about icc profiles. Therefore I include two screen shots with this reply. The first (dark window) screen shot is the window presented when choosing Menu, File, Print in Affinity Photo. The yellow highlight is the profile I selected and is meant for printing on 13 * 18 cm paper. The second screen shot (the light one) is the XP55 properties shown when I click the Properties button at the right of the printer selection listbox (XP55_WIFI). My point is that not a 13*18 printer preset has been activated now but the previously used A4 setting. It would be a nice if the correct printer preset was active now but it isn't. Still have to click here too to make it print on the right sheet of paper. PS: It appears that the screen shots are in reversed order from my point of view.
  12. Greetings, Just installed a new printer (Epson XP55), calibrated it with a ColorMunki and results are very nice. However it is not clear to me how to establish a relation between the Affinity print profile and a device preset. For example I created several profiles in Affinity Photo with names like GLL_10_15, GL_13_18 and GLL_A4 (short for Glossy Landscape size 10*15, 13*18 and A4). I also made Device presets for the Epson X55 with exactly the same names and just before saving a new Affinity Photo print profile, did select that device preset, then saved the Affinity Photo print profile. I more or less expected that when I switch to a specific Affinity Photo print profile the corresponding Device preset would also be chosen, but this does not seem to be the case. I still have to click the Properties button right next to the printer selection listbox in the Affinity Photo Print window and choose the correct Device preset as well. Am I expecting too much? Am I overlooking something? Any thoughts? With kind regards, Aad Slingerland.
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