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  1. Most of the time when needed I use "OBS Studio" which is a open source product. Many features but a little difficult to start with. See also https://obsproject.com/
  2. FWIW indeed opens in my irfanview and ImageGlass as well. I did have a look at the structure of the TIFF file with the utility exiftool.exe (windows, this is the link: https://exiftool.org/). See also screen shot below No errors wer reported though. IMO this post could best be picked up by one of the Serif people for further investigation.
  3. I checked this with AF version and te beta version No luck just a blanc image. Windows Explorer shows at least something in the preview pane. I can only confirm this, no solution however.
  4. Guess not. I just made two macros named LayerDown and LayerUp and they can be invoked form the Macro panel. But this is pointles since we cannot assign a keybord shortcut to a macro AFIK.
  5. I sometimes use OBS studio, this is open source so no license fee involved, BUT this application takes some time to get acquainted with ...
  6. Greetings Kellye2, This IS working in AF. So would could go wrong? Do you have one layer (default name is Background) or multiple layers? Are you working in the Photo Persona? (the default after opening a file with jpg or png extension) is it possible for you to record this sequence in a short video you could place on this forum?
  7. Launch AF with the Ctrl key pressed and you get a "Clear User Data" window. Might help.
  8. When you have selected the paint brush tool in the toolbar you should see the paintbrush related settings in the context toolbar. See also images below...
  9. Assuming no cat is walking over your computer and tablet this is very hard to pinpoint. My system is windows and I never experience such 'sudden' changes. Since you posted this on _this_ forum I assume this 'behaviour' does not occur in other applications?
  10. What does the background look like? Is it possible to isolate your model from the background by selecting her?
  11. Bummer! The only weird thing I experienced now is that the Live filter layer wont let itself nest as a child layer of the Mask. I had to move the Mask layer to the top first and then pull the Gaussian Blur down as a child of it. For the total effect it makes no difference if I leave the Mask layer (with its child) on top of the stack or pull it down below the Background. Here are the results (with the blur way to overdone)
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