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  1. Having a similar problem with attempting to load these assets into Affinity for iPad. Either crashes or just freezes indefinitely. Are they not compatible with iOS version? iPad 5th gen 14.4.2 1.9.2 Affinity
  2. Nope; just Affinity. As I said though, it does happen on the iPad as well. No cats though!
  3. I have to admit this quirk in Affinity is wearing on me. I can work with a file, maybe for 5 minutes, maybe an hour. Sometimes, not every time but often enough to be maddening, a change I've made to the file will suddenly disappear. Without an action from me. Last time an airplane placed on its own layer, suddenly decided to change to greyscale from color. Not a major thing but frustrating. This kind of thing happens frequently enough to be a problem. Happens both on iPad and my MacBook. Why? Thoughts?
  4. Guys: @Callum and carl123: I don't know what the problem was; there definitely was one as the screenshot showed. However, both files will now open normally. Got to admit I feel a bit silly, but wasn't making it up.... Thank you both for your input on this. Hopefully, there won't be a repeat. JP
  5. @Callum I'm afraid I've run into another one. I sure hope this isn't a trend. Mom,Ray,James_at_6mo.afphoto
  6. @Callum Here is the problem file... Thanks for looking. JP COMPOSITE_TRYgirl:drinking-glass-with-beer-3821696.afphoto
  7. In trying to work on a file I'd created, I get a dialog saying that the file can't be opened permission denied. Any idea what that's all about??? Mac OS, Catalina
  8. @callum, I'm using Affinity photo for iPad.
  9. While importing a brush, the default painting brush category has disappeared. How do I return them? If the app had to be deleted and reinstalled, is all my work lost? Should each file be exported to a safe folder? I'll appreciate the help....
  10. Thanks for the reply stokerg. Kind of unfortunately, or fortunately depending on point of view.... upon opening the file again: now it works. I'm still uploading a screenshot so you can see what was there. Nothing was changed.
  11. I've run into an problem with Affinity on Mac desktop. Using MacBook Pro OS Catalina 10.15.5 6 Core i7 processor, 16GB Ram, 177GB available disc space, 27" 1929x1080 display. I'm working on a file, a smallish one of 14.5 MB. I've created several curves layers and a HSL layer. I've inverted a curves layer and am painting with brush (with white) to reveal that adjustment. What happened is that at some point the brush tool stops working completely. The adjustment stops being revealed. If I quit the application and restart, the problem doesn't go away. That was a cure for another file. I'm absolutely certain I'm painting on the correct layer with the correct color, with the proper tool. There are no other open applications. Suggestions as to what's causing this behavior? Thanks....
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