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  1. Have you tried, this; right click on the image edit with chose Affinity once you are done with your edit, CMD+S to save save as flattened this works for me
  2. Yes, on Catalina it works as it supposed to. Right click, edit with, Affinity Beta, Save as Flattened.
  3. Known and reported issue. It's been a while and to be honest, I am really disappointed that Sherif hasn't issued a fix yet. This is a very poor management of this issue.
  4. Why do I always update macOS and than regret it
  5. Is anybody seeing an issue with macOS Catalina? I am trying to edit a photo with Affinity which is saved in Apple Photos, but it creates an unknown error message and won't save any changes.
  6. Edit in Affinity on the right corner works but it is a longer process when the right click edit with is there already... BTW, I have deleted AP, full clean, then reinstalled, same story. Right click a photo in Apple Photos, choose edit with. The edits you do in AP does not transfer back to Apple photos. However if you double click on a photo, choose edit on top right and from extensions choose Edit in Affinity Photo, that works but again this is a long way to do...
  7. version 1.7.3 does not still work for right click edit with function. This has been reported since version 1.7 and still not fixed. Really disappointed guys.
  8. I am really disappointed to see version 1.7.2 has still this issue. Not only that when I try to edit a version of a photo from Apple Photos with AF, AF opens the very first original version of the photo. PP2019 does not have this issue.
  9. That does work, however right click option (which is the fast way) is not. Sad thing is, I have reported this few times during beta.
  10. I have Mac App version, got the auto update today
  11. Doesnt work on my system, I have restarted my Mac as well.
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