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  1. This issue still doesn't seem to be fixed 😥could we have a response from Affinity as to when we might expect this functionality to be restored? In principle Apple Photos and Affinity Photo should be a marriage made in heaven but it's bloomin' frustrating to do a load of edits in Affinity Photo only to bet the errror occurredd message! It's nearly a year since I first posted and we are actually worse off now than a year ago as Affinity Photo seems to load the original image not the edited on from Photos...
  2. update - now the Preflight panel no longer appears when I go to export.(I do have the Studio/Preflight/Export button selected)...
  3. 1.8.1 Preflight is showing some words as misspelt - they are not but that's not the point. I can't get (for example) it to accept the spelling 'Liddle' - a colleagues name. Sometimes the spell-checker works correctly but for no obvious reason sometimes it just doesn't...
  4. Ditto - clearly this is a bug - no point having an 'Open Pre-flight' button if it doesn't actually do anything. 1.8.1
  5. definitely a feature request for me too - it's one thing which I'm really missing compared to Photoshop...
  6. thanks - I'm aware of these options but they are not really comparable with Photoshops 'Save for Web' option particularly without the preview facility which it offers which allows you to see what the resulting JPEG is going to look like....
  7. That's a shame - but I'm intrigued by the suggestion that there is a File>Export>JPG>Optimise sequence. I don't see those options on my iMac....
  8. Does Affinity Photo have an equivalent of Photoshop's 'Save for Web' option? - I find this a really useful facility and haven't managed to find an equivalent one stop way of optimising JPEG's in Affinity Photo...
  9. Thanks Walt - sorry I managed to post in the wrong forum - doh! As you suggest, my workaround was indeed to align left these two lines. @murfee - yes I've spent some time playing with the adjustments in the paragraph panel; without managing to get the result I wanted, but thanks for the suggestion.
  10. yes, it may look like that but I can promise you that I've not missed something as obvious as that - I've tried every permutation of justification. What I can't find is a setting which sets the width at which justification isn't applied. Can't think of the term but I'm used to having it in Word and in the old day Freehand. Just to prove the point here's what the same two lines with the setting which you suggest (Justify All) applied:
  11. I'm getting this horrible effect with left justified text. There should be (may be) a setting which prevents a short sentence being spread in this way, but for the life of me I can't find it within the Paragraph justification settings...
  12. Thanks MEB - that works; not sure what you mean by switch to the dark-edit interface? You guys rock - support is outstanding.
  13. Trying to use the 'edit with' option in Apple Photos to make use of Affinity Photo to edit my photos. I can get Affinity Photo to launch but not to write back the edited photo in Apple Photos - am I missing something?
  14. Glad it's not just me - and I find that more often than not I can't find any such frames, which means either there's a false positive warning or I'm missing something - neither of which are good. It strikes me that one thing which would really help would be some kind of indication - perhaps on the border of the frame that there is overflowing/leftover text. Or even change the outline colour of the frame - perhaps to red to give another visual clue.
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