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  1. Its annoying and frustrating every single time you are up for an export... which is for almost every single picture you are working on. Its like: What should we do today? 75, 85 or maybe 62% quality. And the only feedback you get is the file size. But this is not about zipping down a file as small as possible to be able to send it over a dial up modem from 1993. This is about the ability to get the optimal trade off between file size and image quality. But when it comes to Affinity Photo you only have one 1 leg of the 2 that is necessary... The image preview is not there so you are working in the blind.
  2. The file size estimation is there already...
  3. I have been using PS for years, and when you in PS perform the Save for Web action with "cmd+alt+shift+s" you see a preview of the image that will be saved. When you in Affinity Photo use the same command for Export you DO NOT see any preview of the image that will be exported. So why its this so important to have?!: Im saving images to used online 99,9% of the time. That means i want to have the best quality possible, with the smallest file size possible. In PS and JPEG export you can lower the quality, to reduce the file size, until the image quality is no longer acceptable. Then save. In Affinity Photo you can do the same, but with the big difference that you can not see how the image will turn out until you have completed the export!
  4. Change the default anchor point when using command "cmd+alt+c" to resize the canvas. Now the default position is top left but for the job im doing i always want to have the anchor point in the middle of the photo. Now i forget to change that position sometimes and it makes the workflow so annoying and slower. The action need to be reverted and re-done.