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  1. Hi Thanks for helping The document is set to 100 percent and 96dpi. I am using a Mac 27 inch with retina screen set to display at default resolution. If I create a document 980px wide 96dpi and display it at 100 percent, the document looks considerably smaller than 980px on the web. A document created in photo with dimensions of 980px wide exported to a website displays at the correct width using safari set to display at actual size. Paul M
  2. Hi I create a document 980px wide. I then go to safari and load a website which is boxed at 980 pixels wide. I Skitch the website boxed section (980px) and copy. When I paste it into the photo 980px wide document in affinity photo the image is much wider than 980px?
  3. Thanks, sorted When I right clicked the swatch and selected "Edit fill" the dropdown opposite the colour sampler was set to swatches, I needed to set it to a colour picker model before I could edit the colour. Thanks for your help
  4. How can I edit the colour of the global colour? If you double click on global colour in the swatches pallette you can change only by using the eye dropper. If you click on the global colour within the swatches panel then on the colour tab you cannot edit the tint nor the opacity of the global colour the sliders move but nothing is reflected in the colours of the design Thanks Paul M
  5. Thank you for your help Paul M
  6. Hi Adding a stroke to the shapes before dividing works. Can you see any problems using this method? Thanks Paul M
  7. Thank you for your replies and help Paul m
  8. Hi Thanks for helping I think it is some sort antialiasing effect as it seems to follow the same pattern. strangely enough the problem goes away if you apply a stroke to the shapes first. I don't know how to attach a screen shot here? Thanks Paul M
  9. Hi I am using Affinity photo on a Mac If I overlap two shapes, select them both then divide the shapes to break them apart the resulting shapes have a border where they overlap. How do I rectify this Thanks Paul M
  10. Found it! if you click on stroke size a dropdown appears and you can select attributes. it was the join attribute which I needed to change Paul M
  11. Hi If I choose the rectangle shape tool and create a rectangle and apply a stroke the corners are rounded even if the corner setting is set to none. Thanks Paul M
  12. Thank you that's great. Paul M
  13. Hi if I create an arrow shape is it possible to bend it to the contour of a circle or make it follow a path, something like the one attached Thanks Paul M
  14. Hi I have found that if you put the windows in separate mode you can copy past layers from one to another document, but can you copy layers which are groups? Thanks Paul M
  15. Hi is it possible to open layers in other documents i.e. drag the layer from one document into another document? thanks Paul M