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  1. Hi I have figured out what causes it to happen. If you look at the mov file I click on the layer effects then the gradient overlay then choose the colour I then close the colour picker and gradient popup box before closing the layer effects panel. If I don't close these and close the effects panel then the problem occurs as you can see later in the mov Thanks Paul affinity-designer issue.mov
  2. Hi Thanks Here is a quicktime screen recording. As you can see I can click on the checkboxes but not select an effect affinity designer effects menu fault.mov
  3. Hi I add some effects using the layer effects, lets say gradient overlay. The layer tells me I have effects. when I click on the effects the effects link the effects panel is displayed. I click on gradient overlay in the effects panel but the edit panel on the right does not populate. The only way to get it to work is to restart affinity designer only to have the problem happen again after a few minutes. Thanks Paul mac os running Monteray
  4. Hi If I press on the option key I can zoom in and out of the document with mouse but if I press the command key by mistake and then use the mouse it rotates the document. How can I stop, this or at least return to an horizontal position? Thanks Paul M
  5. Hi Dave Is the load time still around 3 seconds after you have rebooted your machine? Thanks Paul M
  6. I notice that when I start my computer and open an affinity app it takes about 40 seconds to load. if I close the app but keep the computer on then reopen the app again it takes about 4 seconds to load. It is the same for all affinity apps Mac running Big Sur
  7. Hi Same here! Crash on export. not every time for some reason. Are we any closer to a fix? Mac OS Mojave version 10.14.5 Thanks Paul M
  8. Hi is it possible to have a text highlight or a text box colour fill which would stretch the full width of the page? I am having to create an oblong shape which stretches across the page and add a text box on top. I was hoping I could create some kind of paragraph or text style. Thanks
  9. Hi Adding a stroke to the shapes before dividing works. Can you see any problems using this method? Thanks Paul M
  10. Hi Thanks for helping I think it is some sort antialiasing effect as it seems to follow the same pattern. strangely enough the problem goes away if you apply a stroke to the shapes first. I don't know how to attach a screen shot here? Thanks Paul M
  11. Hi I am using Affinity photo on a Mac If I overlap two shapes, select them both then divide the shapes to break them apart the resulting shapes have a border where they overlap. How do I rectify this Thanks Paul M
  12. Hi if I create an arrow shape is it possible to bend it to the contour of a circle or make it follow a path, something like the one attached Thanks Paul M
  13. Thank you for your help. Some things look harder than they are. Easy to do in Affinity designer Best wishes Paul M
  14. Hi How do I go about creating a gradient disc in designer like the one attached Thank you Paul M
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