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  1. how does one import a pdf into an existing publisher document? Thanks
  2. BobZ6

    Anthropics Plugins Broken in 1.7.0

    Would you reach out to Skylum software for plugins to Affinity Photo. Their programs worked in v. 1.6 but not in 1.7 Thanks
  3. BobZ6

    Applying styles

    I created a file in PP awhile back. I then saved it as a pdf and opened it in Publisher beta .192. I wanted to apply styles but all I got was "no styles" Try as I might I could not apply any styles to the text. I know I could do it by recreating the file over in Publisher beta but is there a way to change styles from opened pdf files? Thank you I tried to change text styles to a pdf file that I orginally created in Pub. Beta. I found that I was not able to edit the styles on that file either. I guess when you convert to a pdf you are stuck with what you have as far as styles are concerned.
  4. Is there a keyboard shortcut for adding math symbols such as the degree symbol. So far, I have only found the insert, math, degree 3 step method?
  5. Thank you very much. your instructions were perfect. Bob
  6. Thank you. I found the windows shortcut Alt+248. How do you assign your own shortcut Bob
  7. the last 2 beta upgrades are having a negative effect on this program on my win 10 pro 64 bit computer. The program just stops working (Freezes) and the only way to exit the program is through the Task Manager. Never had a crash before the last 2 updates
  8. I copied and pasted about 400 pages into a publisher document. I then went back and tried to add a text style (Body) to all the text. I was able to do that through a Master Page but the text did not change unless I went back to every page and highlighted the text page by page and changed the style. I have not figured out how to select all pages and have the characters upgrade to the new text style. Once applied the text style can be changed but how do you apply it to pages after you added all the text? Any suggestions. Thank you all
  9. Affinity Photo is a great program for restoring old family photos. I run into situations where there is silvering, a cloudy section on a photo. I have tried different experiments with no real solution. Sometimes I can go to PSE and do a color separation of RGB (3 separate windows) and pick the best out of the three (all B&W). Not great results. Does anyone have ideas how to do it with Affinity Photo? Thanks, Bob
  10. It is 2018 and still no way to change Guides color or thickness. I find them hard to see in many cases
  11. I saved some photos in the Affinity Photo native format. Today I am being denied access to the same photos. I get the message that I need administrative permission. I am the administrator and it is a stand alone desktop win 10. All other files can be edited or deleted only the Affinity format is denying me access. I tried rebooting and change names but nothing has worked so far. Does anyone have any ideas? Thank you, Bob
  12. Ok this is weird! Last night I received a Win 10 update. I updated and shut down. This morning I checked my download folder and the affinity files were nowhere to be seen? I think from now on I will save the files in the original folder not downloads. Thanks all for your help

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