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  1. Hello...I can't find the gradient editor in the new beta version of photo. When I click on the box at the top (beside TYPE) after I have drawn a gradient, there used to be a box that came up where I could change the opacity etc. Now only the colour wheel comes up. Any ideas? Thank you in advance.
  2. Thank you but the worst part is I have downloaded macros and brushes and it sounds like I will lose them all. Is there anything I can do to save them?
  3. Most times when I try to open Affinity Photo on my Mac the icon just keeps bouncing. Usually I can get it to open if I restart my computer. This isn’t happening on any other apps. Any ideas what the problem might be?
  4. Hello there, can anyone please give me suggestions on removing glare on eyeglasses.
  5. No matter how soft, hard, change of flow, brush etc. when using the clone stamp tools it clones in a hard circle. It doesn’t blend at all because it has hard edges. Any idea what is going on? Is there a way to reset this tool?
  6. I don't know why but when I use any brush in the desktop version of Affinity Photo they all have hard edges. I have the hardness down to 0%. Can anyone help and tell me how to correct this? Thank you.
  7. When I, for example select an HSL adjustment from the bottom of the layers panel there used to be preset options show up but now they don't. Any ideas how I can get those preset examples to show again?
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    Sorry, I should have said...I am using Affinity photo.
  9. Hello. I would like to know how to add a gradient to make one picture fade away into another. At least, I think I need to do this by use of a gradient??
  10. How do I get the live preview in blend modes automatically. Right now I have to click on each one instead of seeing it when I slide my mouse over them.