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  1. Bag that last note.. found it. Thanks again! Sorry to be a PITA. At 76+, nothings easy any more.
  2. Can't find... where to look in attached?
  3. Where would I be w/o you Walt? Much thanx again.
  4. Is there any way to assign keyboard equivalents for en and em and thin space characters? It's a nuisance to go to the text/inserts/spacings, tabs drop down menu when doing jobs with multiple ens and ems required.
  5. peterpica

    Importing PDFs

    Thanks Walt... not 100%, but MOBETTA than before. Kindest regards too.
  6. peterpica

    Importing PDFs

    Was afraid you would say that. Thanks! (Too much work redoing my InD filz).
  7. When importing PDFs, is there any way to have text paragraphs stay intact as paragraphs, instead of breaking into individual lines? I want to convert a ton of docs done in InD but can't do this way as would be too much work. Also tables come across with individual cells as line segments. Any solution for that issue too? Thanks.
  8. peterpica

    PDF import issues

    Thanks all. Got this off a web source. Wouldn't have thought originator would use ligatures; must've been automatic in whatever program they used.
  9. Tried importing a PDF into Publisher... type in the original PDF actually was changed after importing. Seems to have an issue with the word 'after' as it changed it to ai er with an oversize 'i' in there. Uh-oh! ? ? ? Benefits of Quitting Smoking Over Time.pdf pdf import.afpub
  10. Thanks all... think I'll stay put & wait for live update.
  11. Any way to break one wide text block into multiple columns with equal space between columns? Do this regularly with InD and was hoping to do the same with Publisher.
  12. New beta doesn't recognize my existing photo & designer apps. Any reason why?
  13. Just tried beta... doesn't recognize my licensed photo or designer apps; asking me to download betas of both of them. When I try to download it takes me to a forum page. Can you fix? Thanks.
  14. Any way to crop a publisher page WITHOUT going back to the setup pages? I do a lot of FB pages 5x7, but many do not "fill" the area so I have to save as PNG than crop that file. Would like to be able to crop the publisher page then just export to a correctly sized png or jpeg.