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  1. peterpica

    Mac OS Requirement

    yes... but also really strange... I reinstalled a beta version that I was using earlier this week ( and it works fine (except for hanging indents when importing IDML files with same)...
  2. Running Sierra 10.12.6 . Stuck there because I use Adobe CS6 apps. Publisher beta crashes when opening all the time. Not compatible with Sierra?
  3. Never mind... just found the link.
  4. Using Publisher 1.7.3 on Mac. Just heard that latest beta has IDML import capability. Where can I get the beta? Thanks.
  5. Placed image initially on one page. Then duped that page content for additional pages with copy chabges.
  6. THANKS TONS! Saved me tons of rework. Regards.
  7. Thanks... w/o the images, I can't publish the document... FAT-RATS! Going to re-do in InDesign. Thanks.
  8. Have a disaster. Did a 7-page document and thought I was home free after sending PDF proof to customer. Went back in to edit and now every time I try to save the document, it crashes on me. If I try to do a 'save as', it also crashes. I rebooted, etc., no luck. Am unable to edit and save changes any more. Short of starting over, is there anything I can do? (Grief-stricken) Paintings 09-05-19.afpub
  9. Is there any way to make the background grid darker in Publisher?
  10. peterpica

    Custom indent

    I do a lot of FB stuff for S&G's... Here's one that I just did and couldn't get the hanging indent properly. I'd like to resize the type and have the hanging indents still good for size changes. As you can see, it's not quite right, but I'm a nit-picker in my old age. Thanks. old.afpub
  11. Is there any kind of "indent to here" marker (like in InDesign)? It's relative so you don't need to change the ruler all the time with font size changes.
  12. Bag that last note.. found it. Thanks again! Sorry to be a PITA. At 76+, nothings easy any more.
  13. Can't find... where to look in attached?
  14. Where would I be w/o you Walt? Much thanx again.
  15. Is there any way to assign keyboard equivalents for en and em and thin space characters? It's a nuisance to go to the text/inserts/spacings, tabs drop down menu when doing jobs with multiple ens and ems required.

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