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  1. Hi Walt. I know that I can press C, but when you make a composite you will make a ton of strokes. This will reduce my speed a lot, especially when you're on a Mircosoft Surface with a pen
  2. Paint Mixer Brush: I do a lot of composite work and I would love to use the paint mixer brush for blending textures. But without the feature of an "automatic clean" after every stroke it is still unusable for this kind of work.
  3. Hi. When I add a mask to a pixel layer. The opacity slider of the mask affect the layers opacity instead of the masks opacity. I discovered this behavior in both windows version ( beta and In the ipad version the slider works fine. Best regards, Timo
  4. Hi. Is it in Affinity photo possible to change the density the black parts of a layer mask? I know the opacity slider, but it affect only the white parts. Any hints are welcome.
  5. Without this basic feature you can't create precise masks and affinity photo will still be unusable for me.
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