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  1. Hello everyone, today i want to share with you this amazing discovery i have made from the website https://www.designcuts.com/product-category/freebies/ Well, they're actually offering FreeBies for the 5th Anniversary of DesignCuts + what's already offered. May you jump there and find what fits with you and enjoy it during your week-end. Blessings !
  2. +1 for Publisher to become able to import DOC/DOCX/RTF file content. It will be very useful for those who do Book Editing and Publishing using APub. Blessings !
  3. +1 for data merge. make it even revolutionary than anything we have seen up to now. Blessings !
  4. Try use iMerge Pro from FxHome, it works well and you will find some how to's on the iMerge Pro web page. i believe APhoto should include chromakey stuff (if planed by Serif respective team) Blessings !
  5. Hello Everyone, i need some help here regarding how to achieve certain stuffs on Affinity Photo. 1- How to ...or ...it is possible to select subject from a uniform background (green, blue, dark etc.) as a quick background removal technic? Well i mean only the subject or something that i would define as the subject in the photo, i've seen it on few PS Youtube tuto and was actually thinking if it was possible to do that or even in a better way with APhoto. 2- Is there a way to copy/paste Fx or Adjustments from one layer/object to another ? in fact repeating Fx can be time consuming or even painful while copy/pasting the same already done Fx or adjustment is time saving, from there i can just adjust this or that and it's done but have to redo all things. 3- this last question is coming maybe a bit earlier than what Serif have planned or maybe it's not suitable at all but ... who don't take risks can really see the light; well, are we going to see some Ai functions to surface on Affinity Photo (maybe the whole affinity range) ? Please don't take this comparative at some level but, after i've done my quick personal review of Skylum Luminar 2018 and FxHome iMerge Pro beta; (demo here) i just thought myself: this maybe the direction things should go for APhoto (and the entire Affinity range of products). Well, from this point, i leave it all to you to jump on youtube or official websites and look at how it works with FxHome iMerge Pro beta and Skylum Luminar 2018 then leave your inputs here for all to read and maybe we can all find a way to better propose to Serif team. i'm not against the old traditional or by hand selection technic but it's easy for all of us to understand that everything that touches the Creative sphere is linked with time (in it's execution side) and most here or out there charge based on time and spending 30min to make subject detouring on a photo is ... a killing way to work (according to me) would be better if it can be done intelligently by the software Ai (plus my personal tweaks before application) and all this in a non-destructive way. More i will share after few answers pops here. Blessings !
  6. Hello Dear Dev, i have one question that can also be taken as a suggestion for the entire Affinity product line (Designer, Photo and Publisher), have you ever though about implementing a scratch/swap/cache disk/technology ? i mean, evolved softwares uses that functionality to help their product not kill the weakest port of the system which is the RAM. Well affinity products runs well but ... by making it possible for us to setup a scratch or swap space that is directly on our Hard Drives will help us doing better and working with less stress. To give an exemple just check how linux works with swap space. There are lots of people who uses Affinity line because they can't afford the rock start products which requires to upgrade the hardware again and again. Making it possible for users to setup that space directly on their physical drives will change lives as one will personally estimate how big the scratch/swap/cache space will be and work no stress (for those who may go up to 30 or 40GB swap/scratch space. That space must be cleanable in many ways: 1- From the software itself (in its launched state) a line in the File menu saying : Clear scratch/swap/cache content. 2- From the Preference center just add it to Miscellaneous section : reset or clear cache/scratch/swap content. 3- Must be clearable when doing the full software reset combo. 4- Must be cleanable with usual cleaning tools. Trust me guys, implementing this will make things even better and i believe there are geeks here who can help making this even clear for us. Blessings !
  7. hello @APD15 thanks for this good method. it's nice ... but there is something that really bother with it ... it's the style thing. I created a thread about making the saved profile of curve stroke application wide. You can simply read from here and see ... well i'm not discouraging you about what you have discovered and learned but i believe we can get more from Serif Team. Blessings !
  8. Thank you @SrPx, well i tried to run Davinci Resolve Free version but ... i only have a MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2010) - 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo with 8 GB 1067 MHz DDR3 and powered by an NVIDIA GeForce 320M 256 MB ... running macOS High Sierra 10.13.6 ... and you can simply imagine how "fast " is this machine for big projects processed with tools like DaVinci ! I would consider them if they release a light version with some pluggable things or if someone knows an eGPU technology that can help my MacBook feel better and not too old. Blessings !
  9. Dear, i simply ditched Adobe product and created a new workflow because i didn't wanted to spend time over thinking this or that, let me put it before you: 1- Adobe illustrator CC 2018 > Affinity Designer : latest release on both MacOS & Windows 2- Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 > Affinity Photo : latest released on both MacOS & Windows 3- Adobe Lightroom CC 2018 > Luminar 2018 : will move to Luminar 2019 as soon as available (it will offer photo library) 4- Adobe Premiere CC 2018 > HitFilm Express v9 : already on latest version which runs much faster and uses less RAM than previous version. 5- Adobe Media encoder > Wondershare Video converter Ultimate : here i think i will find another tool or simply use HitFilm Express as a Media Encoder 6- Adobe Acrobat DC > PDF Element Express 0.6.2 : it use less memory and load faster than normal version of the same software 7- Adobe Muse > Rapid Weaver 8 : Offers better library of themes and load faster, uses less memory but ... you won't really deal with code (only if you want) 8- Adobe XD > Sketchapp 51.3 : this only until Affinity Designer make it possible to do prototype and better web Design but also because inVision is browser based (Bandwidth is a threat in my country so won't move there unless i travel in the U.S, Japan or Germany ) Well ... you may not do the same but there are stuffs that work and could replace and help you feel in less constrain and better stand ... still you will need to change or upgrade your actual workflow. Blessings !
  10. Well this is a great idea and these are deep words that ii personally respect. Really enjoying to be here in the forum as you, Photography is still what i'm learning at this date so, please forgive, Luminar have made it (not all but at least a good shoot). Now left as said i still learn about photography, but when it comes ti illustration/vectors there too i'm learning but it less stressful; so when i share here about the whole idea of comparing Serif and Adobe product i'm more standing as a learner who want to improve so i first think about those like me who may quickly abandon things because they find it just ... to hard to learn ro to work with. Affinity line of products have made my life easier but ... i want more ! i want it simple and easier but efficient and powerful ! i want it convivial and simply beautiful (like the iPad version but yet flexible. above all, i really enjoy your answer and ... well photoshop is not for photography only, i would laugh out lout if one stand and say that but that's another story. Blessings !
  11. Hello everyone, Hello @J Clark I'm back into this thread ... just after i've read the above. Well it's not falase that APhoto is even closer than PS now since the last windows version but still ... let's also consider the missing stuffs and make up our mind. Actually the reason why are sometime so impatient (after you read couples of suggestions in the forum) getting things done in APhoto is due to the fact we are trying to bring the clothing and life style from our old mariage into this new one; guys let's not break the second chance we have here. APhoto is a great products but still lacking of many things we should imagine (in a very original way like @MattP and @AdamW does) and make our propositions/suggestions and also be happy that the devs are replying to us and some of us (like me) are happy to see what they asked be implemented in the software (the recent case being on APub); yet we are in a very friendly world so let's be honest here. i personally was shocked and had to admit the following Luminar is the real PS alternative and with the coming version it will simply adjust the level and shoot both PS and Lr in the head and we will collect the blood shed on the road, i believe Luminar may sit on the throne the day it include the incontournable selection tool (flood selection and all similar ones)... so let's think twice here. I really like APhoto because its simply a great software but still APhoto need to stand and equip itself with those "Tony Stark like" functionality and Ai tools. ADesigner is a great piece of software, personally didn't knew how to draw, nor did i liked the pen tool but with ADesigner and the way it's setup things became possible but ... it's still a bit far from Ai which is great but doesn't snap correctly (here new snap implemented in ADesigner and even APub kills it all) and here, the day ADesigner will do prototyping like SketchApp does ... surely Ai will lose a body part but we are not there yet). Well i'm not coming against your point of view but just bring more light. Serif is not fighting Adobe but creating a better place to be, where dominant solution can sit closer to minor (if there are minors). Sorry for this long, long comment, simply wanted to not cut the flow but express it "close to" all so another one can bring more light than i did here. Blessing and courage to Serif team.
  12. i see that, well thank you @Aammppaa this is good, similar to what said @StuartRc Well i still think or believe this should be improved, style or just stroke profile saving from top category; in fact, something have to be done to make it easier for us to work with. Also, is this mentioned as something possible in the affinity workbook ? i don't have one but surely will consider to buy one of these days. my point is, less tech or tricky stuffs and just draw > set curve style > save profile application wide. In fact, this came right on my eyes when i looked at Affinity photo for iPad, there pressure is just blazing amazing and eye catching and i though whew would be great idf i can draw a line like that on desktop without the need of tons of tricks ! but you scored here; let me try that and come back here with results. Blessings !
  13. Hi @KateM i'm really thankful and happy of Affinity Spotlight content. Well, i have a suggestion and just don't know where to put it so i chose here (don't hesitate to move elsewhere if needed). Affinity Spotlight is great thing but not everyone here like to read on pages, browsers etc. i myself tends to watch or listen in-between two project phase for 15min max (between drawing and applying a filter for the same project, i take 15min break that i use to educate myself with quick tuto) so, i believe you can make it even better by creating a youtube and facebook channel where people will enjoy watching or listening to contents you have to share. to me it's a school to read from Spotlight, would be great if you make podcast, video cast and/or even live session with artists, protographer, illustrators etc... using Affinity product line every day to share in live session the tricks, their experiences, advices etc... but also make the quick you are sharing on spotlight on video as daily or weekly digest feed ... you have that great Affinity speaker/teacher who demonstrated Affinity Publisher in related video tuto; he can do that (i enjoy earring his accent and voice, very original) well, make it happen in video format so we can be more satisfied (if possible). Well i hope you won't react on this fast because it's week-end and you have to rest and enjoy you life, just needed to put it here before i forget about this. Blessing to Y'All at Affinity Spotlight.
  14. Hi @StuartRc see how many steps you take to achieve a simple thing that should take a simple click and draw ? That why it's a great to make it possible to save line/stroke profile application wide for reuse on any project (new or old) without having to redo/reinvent the whole thing. Not only that, it will help us not feel reject because we have not a blazing or killing drawing tablet with pen pressure functionality when we love our already existing but great mouse. Thank you so much for your input ! Much appreciated.
  15. Hello ! @Patrick Connor, @AdamW, @MEB and other team member, i just hope you are really taking it and resting and enjoying staying with your friends, family etc... and not touching your laptops for this week-end. i'm dropping something here for Affinity Publisher (and also the whole product line) but not expecting you to answer or contribute during the week-end, you deserve good rest. Well, this is a proposition i've been continually forgetting to log here. Using Publisher (but also Designer and Photo) in our workflow (for those who integrated it already before stable version) we often and even make massive use of stroke and tweaking it is part of our every day thing; i see there is possibility to set a stroke profile after playing with the curve thing to make its aspect fit our need; after doing that curve thing we can save the profile ... but i noticed this, the saved stroke curving profile disappears after saving closing the project (case 1) and we have to remember how it looked like and redo it my request is this, would it be possible to save stroke curve profile as application wide usable thing, like we continually do with colors/gradient palette so we can simply reuse it with old projects or when starting a fresh project ? i often watch the brothers from Design Art Studio, Olivio Sarikas and even @Bri-Toon tutorial on youtube and for each new projects they have to redo the line stroke profile tweaking over and over for that project, which you must admit is really time consuming. i would rather, setup a stroke curve profile, save it and know it's application wide (like color some palette) and not document based only and then simply select it in the stroke tab before i draw a new line, then draw my line using pen/pencil tool with that selected profile and see if it fits my desire, this will be helpful for those still using mouse technology and even for those using pen/graphic tablets lacking pressure sensitivity functionality to feel home but also to feel and work with less stress or see their head overheated trying to think or remember how this used to work or to be but just focus on their design and produce great things. Please make the curved stroke profile saving applicable application wide in Publisher and if it has the success it should have, then replicate/expand it to Designer and Photo. @firstdefence, @Petar Petrenko, and all others ... your inputs to round the corners of this idea/proposition is expected and will be of great help ! Blessings !
  16. Hello ! Well i believe this was asked many times in this great Affinity community by a lot of members; so i take another chance to raise things but a bit differently this time. I Really believe Serif should consider to develop a technology similar to smart object into Affinity Publisher but also making that technology capable of supporting smart objects from Adobe will be a great step forward that will enable more areas of application. i'm not talking about supporting an already existing technology only but building something revolutionary that makes it possible to go far more than what smart object have to offer at this date. Something that will make it possible to do much more but that same technology should also offer the possibility edit, tweak etc. smart objects created on Adobe products. Why Publisher? Because it is a great product that user will intentionally use for creating stuffs destined to external view/usage such as mockups/books cover etc. then Publisher should receive 100% of that technology and Photo should only be capable of supporting what is already created (an existing structure from APub or Adobe PS/Ai). How should this work? i believe through a kind of smart persona or smart menu that will have everything there to help build/change or tweak. There is so much to tell and to do with smart objects in this age and having a technology concurrent to what Adobe made for their products but that will make it possible handle Adobe S.O and improve it far more using revolutionary technics will surely bring stability in the industry. May you from this community have inputs regarding this to help the idea grow, please feel free to add; only Serif team will be inspired how to implement in due time, we only focus on raising ideas for them to work on and make available for our convenience. Blessings !
  17. Nice to read from you dear ! Sorry but the first line was not kind of pointing you especially nor saying you intended to make that mutation happen, forgive me if this touched or bothered you personally but, < i was just talking out of my heart inviting other peoples who may think and consider Serif to become their Divid argument for killing or fighting the Adobe Goliath to reconsider their ways, Serif is not fighting Adobe, it's more about building together but using different methods.> Well i never tried CyberLink except the fact i used their DVD Player but it was decades ago when we where all windows XP !
  18. Make them PDF and import them into APub, use version .58 of APub, it works better than beta .57
  19. Well, let's not by our request push Serif to become another Adobe or simply be the cause of the birth of a new "hegemony system" ... So, i would like to advice you my friend to try the solutions below: 1- HitFilm Express FREE https://fxhome.com/express this one is really good and close to Premiere and you can do very things with, they also offer the ignite pack for free. 2- Wondershare Filmora https://filmora.wondershare.com/video-editor/ a really nice piece of software, uses less memory than Pro or big tools and help do great projects. 3- Davincy Resolve 15 https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/davinciresolve/ ... simply the best i've worked with, but its require a really good pc/laptop; really. My request would be to ask for Serif to make files created with the affinity range to be compatible with other already existing softwares. ie: svg from ADesigner only can be read APhoto/APub without being broken so fixing this will help many to designer under Affinity range and animate it with one the 3 i've listed here. Blessing !
  20. I've noticed a kind of bug in resource manager. By selecting 2 linked objects (shift+click) then click update button for both to be updated at once ... the second one just disappear on the manager but still exist on the spread. Then closed the project (keeping Publisher open) tried to re-open the same project and boom got a message saying "a recovery file was found" asking if i wanted to open that file etc. tried both proposed options but it keep saying the file was unavailable. Had to completely close Publisher, start again and load the project to have it working, not only that needed to re-link/reindex the other object (it was still there but not present in the resource manager). Also there is nothing else than the rapid alert that displays when an object is updated, no alert icon in resource manager, no alert icon in the main window that will attract our attention. Please guys ; we hope this get sorted soon.
  21. Exactly ! It should (if well managed and implemented) bring Publisher among the big rulers of the publishing category. The real dream is not to see Affinity Line of products not die or be stopped, not simply mimic the already existing softwares but stand on the pantheon among the best. Serif Team, this is what i believe: Market presence is not enough ! make the weapon even good and soldiers will make use of them and win every battles they face.
  22. What a nice talk here ! i believe you are all right but i would propose Serif to develop (if possible) a kind of persona that will be used like a word processor for editors. What i'm talking about here is, editors would click that persona button and switch to an interface dedicated to edition only (similar to what we see when we switch to develop persona) into that mode or persona they have to able to type/write, create paragraphs etc. i mean everything related to writing then when it's done they just click on the publisher button to switch back to normal publisher functionality and find the text there. Organization would depend on two factors, the work done in editor mode and choice made in publisher mode. Editor mode should help with everything text when Publisher mode would be more focused on publishing/design mode. Also if this is implemented one day, make it possible for editors to collaborate in the content edition; collaboration is a must in the actual days and i believe it can be handled in two format : local and over internet (like invasion does with its design platform) it will allow to hire writers, designers and more peoples from all around the world to have them work on the same project and get the best result ever wanted. This is just me talking and sharing. Blesings !
  23. Hello ! I'm still amazed at what Publisher can do but i found it a bit hard to process with update for linked files. i propose the assistant that pop-up to tell us linked files have been changed or updated should also propose us: Update Linked files Yes or NO. if Yes then, open the resource manager and we should select the corresponding file (make an icon next to it that tells us which one need to be updated or re-checked) and click update. Also please, make resource manager less hidden into menus and more reachable, even as a button on the top bar (close to synch/unsynch button???). Blessings !
  24. Hello, want to know if there is a way to fix blurriness on PDF export with Publisher ! have almost done a Business card job and found out TIFF and PNG are really okay but the printing company i often deal with can't use them for some reasons so i have to make it possible for PDF to be of good output and not blurry at all. help please ! Blessings.
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