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  1. I opened a photo selected Filter>Distor>Lens Correction It correctly detected the camera (Canon 7D) and the lens (Canon 15-85) and the focal length (24mm). The correction applied looked fine in preview, clicked Apply. It then proceeded to apply a ridiculously distorted warp to the photo that rendered it nothing like the preview. Major fail I'm sorry to say.
  2. I haven't purchased AD yet, I keep trying the trial hoping to find it more capable. As it stands the limitations with v1.7 are too serious for me to contemplate a transition from CorelDraw. TBH I could work more effectively in CorelDrawX5 (ca. 2010) . Object handling has always been one of CorelDraws' strengths (the things you can do with just the mouse and a few modifier keys) AD isn't very efficient in that department. But the lack of decent guideline tools would prevent me getting work done. I'd love to beta test AD, but in order to do that effectively you have to be able to do real work with the application. So I will download the next version trial and test again. At some point it will become viable and then Corel had better watch out, the debacle with the 2019 release has pissed a lot of loyal users off. And their record of legacy bug fixing is diabolical.
  3. I've just downloaded the latest trial version and given it a run out. Not ready for work yet. Giudelines need to be visible on the whole drawing area. Need to be able to select, move and delete multiple guides Adding and editing new guidelines needs to be much much quicker, Line styles for guidelines, dashed or dotted is better than solid Must be able to duplicate whilst dragging Angled guides a must. Will revisit on the next major update.
  4. Guidelines are one of the reasons I haven't transitioned from CorelDraw yet (that and clones). The old (v2018 and prior) Guidelines Setup dialog is super fast at adding new guidelines and when you use a lot like I do for laying out precision drawings, this is a must. Corel have lost their way and are failing to keep up with the opposition so I'm keen to see whats developing in other applications. I put a list of desired new functionality to Corel years ago, but its just been ignored. FWIW these are a few of them Grouping of guidelines to allow easy visibility/hidden toggling Directly blend two guidelines to create equal divisions Naming of guidelines and/or groups Multiple guides layers Of course CorelDraw is already quite good at guideline handling allowing easy selection of multiple guides, then dragging and duplicating, distributing, locking and hiding, however it sometimes isn't very good at having objects and nodes snap to guidelines and I have to zoom in or swap to wireframe view to check. Double clicking a guideline would immediately take you to the Guidelines Setup dialog to edit its position. Attached is an example of why guidelines are important to me. A stained glass panel layout drawing
  5. One of the reasons why I don't like symbols in CorelDraw (and much prefer clones) is that whilst editing a symbol, the remaining parts of the drawing are hidden so you never get to see your edits in context, which for me is very important. It seems AD doesn't do that so thats a plus.
  6. I downloaded and used the trial right when the product was announced, but I found it missing a lot of the essential tools I use for designing. I do however revisit the website and this forum from time to time and its very refreshing to see a software developer being so open with its features roadmap and in its interaction with its users. Long may it continue. And being as I am in the same city as Serif I have a vested interest in seeing that they succeed in this market. I will unfortunately not be converting from CorelDraw any time soon until Designer gets a Clone tool for vector objects. This is a fundamental to my workflow, the ability to create mirrored symmetrical shapes and only have to edit the master shape for the clones to automatically update. CorelDraw does this very well indeed, it could be better as its not been updated for 15years, but it does work. The other thing I would need is an ability to trace a bitmap (or indeed a vector trace tool to create filled holes from areas bounded by curves) though I do note this is on the roadmap. Import filters would be great too. I have thousands of lineart drawings in .cdr format that i'd love the ability to import, but I guess I can get round that with intermediate formats like pdf or eps. Hywel Harris www.ladybayartglass.co.uk
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