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  1. Thank for the replies. Ok, yes, I tried pdf as the go-between and it does preserve the layers, line widths, line types, arrow types, fonts, colours, gradient fills, all done well. The only thing to do is make sure all the layers are visible and printable. As a work-around this will do I think.
  2. I'm just wondering ... I have 10+ years work in CorelDraw (I've had an Adobe Illustrator license too, but somehow I never liked AI). So now I want to switch to Affinity Designer. But apparently I can't just go and open my old .cdr CorelDraw files. I'd have to convert them to .ai Adobe Illustrator files (and potentially lose line widths etc, anyway it's a tedious extra step). Are there any plans to have Designer open .cdr files?
  3. I received an email offering me the new full (non-beta) release of Affinity Publisher at a 30% discount for being a beta tester. Unfortunately I am letting it pass. That is because without footnote functionality, I can't use it. As far as I can see there is no 'upgrade' pricing structure on Affinity products, so I might as well sit it out until the next version release, or whichever release in the future actually does have footnotes, and buy then.
  4. Unfortunately, having no footnotes is a dealbreaker for me too. Might as well have no letter 'e', or unable to deal with upper case characters -- it's that basic and essential. I downloaded the Beta, it looks pretty, but it can't do the job. I'll come back in 6 months, see if anything's happened in the meantime.