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    srobot1974 got a reaction from Fixx in Transform Studio   
    I have a little problem with the Transform Studios. When I start any of the desktop application with the normal application window and using the transform studio (moving or resizing something) the tab progress process X, Y, W, H:

    normal.mov I think this is a normal.
    But if I use the desktop applications with the Separated Mode. In Separated Mode the tab progress process is X, W, Y, H:

    separated mode.mov This is not natural for me. Why changing this progress?
  2. Thanks
    srobot1974 got a reaction from Sean P in Light UI some interesting remark   
    Strange Light UI maybe mistakes.
    1. Different type of scrollbars in a different position.
    2. The separator line don't approach the start and end points.
    3. Some Studio panels (ex. Paragraph) sub header background colour don't approach the start point.