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  1. Hey @GabrielM, Thanks for responding. How about some files? I'm attaching the working file as well as PDFs exported with all settings same except one is with adjustment layer as top layer of artboard and one with adjustment layer as child to adjusted layer. I just created/tested a completely new file as well to make sure it wasn't just this one file that became corrupted. Hermez Hang Tag_front_bugsmash.afdesign Hermez Hang Tag_front_ChildAdjustment.pdf Hermez Hang Tag_front_GlobalAdjustment.pdf
  2. Troubleshooting this really had me pulling my hair out. I've found that adding an adjustment layer above the layers I want "adjusted" causes my bleed to not export when exporting as PDF. However, when I apply the adjustment layer to a specific layer (as a child layer) the bleed exports properly. Has anyone encountered this? I'm running a Mac with Mojave 10.14.3
  3. +100 for this feature. How could it still not be available? This is basic, Affinity team. Please don't torture us anymore.
  4. Thank you! I knew this. Not sure how it slipped my mind. Maybe I just had too many pallets open to notice the Fill window. Operator error, I confess.
  5. I'd also love to be able to export for CNC machines. This file converter may be a decent workaround while the developers get this implemented: https://cloudconvert.com/svg-to-dxf
  6. I'm getting reproducible behavior with this sequence: Make a selection on pixel layer>Edit>Fill>Deselect When I deselect, the unselected part from the original selection also fills, making the whole layer a solid color. See screen captures for the before and after. You can even see the selection is active in the before image. I found that this also happens when I use the keyboard shortcut SHIFT+F5 but it doesn't happen if I fill using the fill tool (paintbucket). I've been experiencing this for a while now. I think I noticed it even before I installed Mojave on my late
  7. I'm happy to report that my layers started working properly. I have no idea why. After toggling back and forth between a couple of open images and opening/closing the layer palette my base layers started appearing. So weird but at least it works again.
  8. I recently updated my late 2015 iMac to Mojave and Affinity Photo 1.6.7 isn't happy. Since the update no layers show up in my layers palette. Trying to add a layer via layer palette or layer menu results in crash. Every time. Quite frustrating. JPG, TIFF, and PNG files all behaved the same. Anybody else experience this?
  9. Don't make us beg. It seems silly to leave this feature out for so long. I'm working on an image in a blue key with lots of gradient. In some places I have to mostly guess where the guide is... even when zooming way in. Please bump this up on the feature request list.
  10. Thank you for the response, MEB. I followed your suggestion and was unable to replicate the issue on a new user account. Now I have to try to zero in on possible menu utility culprits. I'm suspicious of my Colormunki Display ambient light sensor but I still have to test to confirm.
  11. Is this a resolved issue that is talked about elsewhere?
  12. +1 for this feature request. I was surprised to find it missing. Seems pretty basic but I'm not a programmer.
  13. I'm having the exact same problem. It's unpredictable and has happened many, many times for me on many different files. I thought maybe it was due to large or complex files but I've had it happen even on 1000x1000 px files with only 1 or 2 layers. Then I thought maybe I had too many other apps open so I tried closing other apps. No difference. I'm led to think it's a bug because Affinity Photo has been able to speedily process much more complicated commands without hiccup. My usual method of combatting this problem is to immediately stop moving my curser, clicking buttons etc., and
  14. Same problem here. I've tried changing all of my mitre joins to rounded. I've turned all text into curves. I've aligned all strokes to center. I've reduced all of my grouped objects into single objects using the add command under the geometry menu. I've even deleted all layers that had FX. My file still exports at over 700 kb. Please help. logo-title-curves-david-oliver-art.svg
  15. Well, I can't seem to reproduce this on other files. Let's write it off as an anomaly. I'll open the thread back up if the problem rears it's head again.
  16. +1 for this feature request! I've been wondering if I'm just not searching hard enough but now it's confirmed. This seems like it should be a basic feature but it's probably more difficult to implement than we hope.
  17. I see. Thanks for the info. I only started to guess it might be intentional as I was writing my post. Optional would be nice, though, as it's hardly more work to hit a neighboring key rather than the same key twice. Maybe I just need to get used to it.
  18. I just noticed that some other keyboard shortcuts behave in a similar way, such as the Move tool. It seems that pressing "V" for the first time selects Move tool. Pressing V again selects last tool used. Perhaps it was designed this way for quickly switching between current and last used tool?? However, not all tool shortcuts behave this way. For example, pressing B toggles between Paint Brush tool, Pixel tool, Color Replacement Brush tool, and then, strangely, Smudge Brush tool. Then back to Paint Brush tool.
  19. I'm having some strange behavior with my keyboard shortcuts for the lasso (freehand selection) and clone brush tools. The clone tool properly selects with the key "S" and the lasso properly selects with the first press of the key, "L." However, if I press the "L" key again for the second time it selects the clone tool instead. I press "L" a third time and it selects the lasso tool again. Strange. I did check my keyboard shortcut designations in preferences and they're set properly—L for lasso and S for clone brush.
  20. Greetings forum members and mods. I'm experiencing artifacts at some, but not all, zoom levels in Affinity Photo 1.6.6 on Mac OS 10.13.3 (High Sierra). The screen capture with artifacts is at 15 percent zoom. The normal preview screen capture shows 20 percent zoom, for comparison. None of the other incremental zoom levels seem to have this problem. Just 15 percent. Does anyone else experience something similar?
  21. I have both iPad and desktop for Mac versions. Are the freebies that come with this update usable on both iPad and desktop apps or just iPad? Thanks!
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