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  1. Adding to this, bottom line is no matter what dev says, replies, cites, or explains over and over, I can't find one post or comment online praising Affinity Photo alpha channel related features or workflow. I however, as many other experienced AND HOBBYIST graphic artists, each time trumped or frustrated when in need of an alpha channel in AP, can easely find writings about users not liking it, and worse, STILL not understand it any better. just like me, as I just did. Once again.
  2. +1 here - Yes, a proper vector Eraser and vector cutting tools are severely needed. also - trace bitmap to vector, obviously - an optimize slider to reduce the number of points in a vector shape - a lasso selection tool to select nodes in a vector shape... a sole box/rectangle selection tool is SO 1985 !!!!!
  3. + 1 here for tracing. come on autotrace has been around forever, inkscape and lots of comparable software do it!
  4. well... I must be the dummest artist on earth, because after reading here and trying for 15 minutes to follow the many varied directive here I'm still unable to paste a damn greyscale sketch Just cleaned a greyscale sketch on white background, and cant generate a damn transparent png where the white becomes transparent. Yes Ive used PS for 15 years, and yes I've only been using AF for a few months now, but I fail to understand the process... Finally got it. Pfeew. - Apply "Layer /Rasterize to mask" on my greyscale "on white " sketch layer - create a layer under it which is filled with the color that will be displayed - export as png Still happy about switching from PS to AF but theses Irritating and frustrating blockings are tiresome.
  5. Could be, yes indeed, that would definitely explain the current behavior... Looks to me like it shouldn't tho, as the preferences stores the CTRL-t, remembers it, saves it, loads it, and there's no reasons I can think of as to why any key combination besides a few like CTRL-ALT-DEL (lol) could be used... but that's just me. hehe
  6. Hi! (First THANK YOU for affinity photo - one of my life happiest day was to uninstall photoshop) When I customize the move tool shortcut key to CTRL-t the move tool shortcut afterward is T tried : save shortcut keys load shortcut keys reboot affinity photo clear all and rince & repeat previous steps nothing seems to change the shortcut from T to CTRL-t (see attached screeenshot) Note that the shortcut ctrl-T is actually displaying in the keyboard shortcut UI - so it does record my change, saves and load it, it just doesnt change the actual shortcut. UPDATE : I've even tried for testing remapping the key "a" to "T" with the freeware autohotkey : works everywhere : pressing the key "a" outputs the key "T" in all softwares ive tried BUT AFFINITY PHOTO ?????? ...im lost here... Regards, Remi Turcotte
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