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  1. *importa oggetti avanzati PSD dove possibile. Grazie! TY
  2. Understood! and thanks for the explanation. I will avoid do that.
  3. I am sure it was a new document, but maybe I did paste an artboard, I cannot remember. this happen to me sometimes but it start to happen only o last version when this happen I use to delete the document and paste everything in a new one. just reporting to help fix this but is not a big problem to me. love to affinity
  4. here a video about it. and the file but I do not know way is 24 mb if it is supposedly empty, I deleted everything before save again without objects. a cannot capture video screen. sorry it is a cam video. IMG_5337.MOV TEMPporale.afdesign
  5. I have a document, that when I try to print ctrl+p or file/print, just shutdown designer. this happen a few times.may be is related that I cannot create a artwork in this document. the option to create a artwork is gray and something is missing here. size document is not here.
  6. Thanks, I couldn't find an open thread of the subject. The result is that it cannot be exported as I need. but I can print booklet directly, without exporting. Unfortunately it is not possible since I will need to print on a plotter with its own software. so I hope one day they can implement the possibility of exporting PDF in booklet format Thanks Palatino & MikeW !
  7. The result is that I export all the pages individually. and I would have liked each one to match its opposite side.
  8. Greetings for everyone and thanks in advance. I have to export a menu. I don't know how to explain myself but the pages are arranged as follows: - 1 2 - 3 4 - 5 6 Everything looks right in publisher. The problem is that when I explain it, I won't be able to use it that way. because I will place one sheet over the other and sew the center to make a "magazine". that is, what I need the result to be: 1 - 8 2 - 5 3 - 6 I could modify it manually, but they are more pages than I am mentioning, and I would like to know what would be the correct process to design and not always have to think about how many pages will result in the end.
  9. hello everyone. My question is, if I have a 500 mb file in my pc, that that take 20 minutes to export the png all workflows, and the png will size like 1.5 gb. that could be a few big vinil for a windows or banners, it is all just an example. an ipad pro, can to that job? export files like that or bigger. or maybe the designer app for ios is just to design small things like A4. I have a 72 inches plotter, a cutter and a laser machine. I would know if I could work white and ipad pro in a professional printing and big sizes. thanks.
  10. translated text: Hello everyone. I would be interested in having a "measures" function that give me a few results. -Get the area of an amorphous object. -Get the length of a line when it is not vertical or horizontal. -obtain measures between nodes on non-straight lines. -Get a total length of all lines of a document and total of all areas of all document. it seems that they are banal things without importance for the majority of users, I know. but I work with engraving and laser cutting devices. and believe me that these options would make my job much easier, by determining beforehand the time it will take for each job, and being able to more easily calculate my costs. even if it is not a new tool, but in the bar below the total could be displayed in cm2 when selecting a closed object, and the length when selecting a curved line. That would be very helpful. As always, I am very happy with the software, good job. Thanks in advance.
  11. I have removed de ctrl+8 from Size Zoom level before, it is not very important if does not work. but maybe will work in a future update. ctrl8 is only 1 example, most of my assigned shortcut does not work. but is not a big deal. Thanks GabrielM.
  12. hello! in many options I set a personal shortcut of tools that I use often. but the majority just does not works. in the capture example there is ctrl+8 tu expand lines. it appears in the menu, but if I ctrl+8 that not happen. I have more options set like that that does not works. no matter which ctrl I use or which 8 of keyboard I use. maybe is not a bug but something I did wrong. sorry for my english an thanks in advance.
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