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  1. yes, how, that exist?
  2. translated text: Hello everyone. I would be interested in having a "measures" function that give me a few results. -Get the area of an amorphous object. -Get the length of a line when it is not vertical or horizontal. -obtain measures between nodes on non-straight lines. -Get a total length of all lines of a document and total of all areas of all document. it seems that they are banal things without importance for the majority of users, I know. but I work with engraving and laser cutting devices. and believe me that these options would make my job much easier, by determining beforehand the time it will take for each job, and being able to more easily calculate my costs. even if it is not a new tool, but in the bar below the total could be displayed in cm2 when selecting a closed object, and the length when selecting a curved line. That would be very helpful. As always, I am very happy with the software, good job. Thanks in advance.
  3. tevice

    shortcut keyboard bug

    I have removed de ctrl+8 from Size Zoom level before, it is not very important if does not work. but maybe will work in a future update. ctrl8 is only 1 example, most of my assigned shortcut does not work. but is not a big deal. Thanks GabrielM.
  4. tevice

    Keybind a mouse button?

    I would like to that too! would be great!
  5. hello! in many options I set a personal shortcut of tools that I use often. but the majority just does not works. in the capture example there is ctrl+8 tu expand lines. it appears in the menu, but if I ctrl+8 that not happen. I have more options set like that that does not works. no matter which ctrl I use or which 8 of keyboard I use. maybe is not a bug but something I did wrong. sorry for my english an thanks in advance.
  6. tevice

    change licence

    ok. it will work may be in 1.7 will ask for the product key. ty all
  7. tevice

    change licence

    there is no difference. technically everything works well. but I do not know what license I'm using, surely a pirate with a random serial ... and knowing that I have a license of my own. I do not know if I can eventually have any problem not having an update or something like that.
  8. tevice

    change licence

    Thank you very much in advance Hi! I will try to explain myself better. at work I was assigned to a computer with installed affinity. but I have my own license, and I would like to use mine. but it is a work computer with a lot of important software that I am not allowed to format. I already deleted registry and affinity, but when installing I was never asked for the product key. affinity works perfectly, it's just the fact that I would like to know that I use my license. original texto: Hi! intentare explicarme mejor. en el trabajo se me asignó a una computadora con affinity instalado. pero yo tengo mi propia licencia, y me gustaria pasar a usar la mia. pero es una computadora de trabajo con mucho software importante que no se me permite formatear. ya borre registros y affinity, pero al instalar nunca se me pide la clave del producto. affinity funciona perfectamente, es solo el hecho que me gustaria saber que uso mi licencia.
  9. tevice

    change licence

    mm,, no email, no product key I also deleted all /designer registry. and install again. but never ask for my product key. I downloaded de soft from my account on affinity web, may be my product key is already in?
  10. Hi. I have a windows PC with affinity designer. and I would like to switch to using my license. I try to uninstall and install, but my user does not ask me licence. Is there any way? Thanks translated text
  11. ty, that's what I do. it works fine for now. Grazie all.
  12. I would like to create and save templates, size, DPI, rgb or cymk... that will appear con ctrl+n Grazie!
  13. hello, easy question. I need to export the cian channel as you see in screenshot. same for all cymk color, I realize how to separate colors, but when I export each channel it become a normal cymk photo full color. I want to do something like de video. thanks in advance.
  14. Great, that's the opinion I was looking for. I hope some day there is the export to html, maybe not for a direct load but for more compatibility with other software to create the interconnections. thank you very much.

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