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  1. I can’t wait for the day when I can retire my MBP...
  2. Knock, knock, knock...does anyone else see this? Is there any solution?
  3. Jon, Just tested with a fresh document and it moved with any file format I added: PDF, JPG, PNG, AI, SVG...
  4. Each time I place a file in Affinity Publisher the Publisher window moves down the screen by ~100 pixels or so. Each 'place' event moves the window increasingly farther down the screen. This happens with every document every time. A video is attached as an example. ddd.mp4
  5. First: Publisher is not on my purchase list at the moment. But, it would definitely be if... IDML Import: I have several years worth of Indesign files (stored as IDML) that I need to be able to repurpose: starting a new book from a previously completed one (with the basic styles in place) is a key time-saver and I have clients ask for revisions to old work on a regular basis... So, import of IDML files is the first update. It makes no sense to throw all my babies out with the InDesign bathwater. Ported to iPadOS: And now with the release of iPadOS the iPad supports a mouse: which for me is a sea change that will allow the iPad to replace my MacBook when traveling. IF Publisher (like the other Affinity apps) is also ported to iOS (iPadOS) that would be the clincher and I'd be in for both desktop and mobile apps. With both of those complete I could finally delete the very last Adobe app from my workflow.
  6. I've read all the apologists about a 'maybe later' IDML import. Unfortunately I (and a couple of other book designers I spoke to) don't want to keep 2 tools around for publishing: it's inefficient. And, for us, the single missing feature in Publisher is an import feature for documents created in the software against which Serif is trying to compete (and against which they actively market with their 'no subscription' mantra). Serif know who their competitors are. For us to accept that they failed to position themselves as a viable upgrade is silly. Few professional designers can afford to make a wholesale change to their workflow without the ability to reuse and update old projects. To head things off at the pass: I did attempt to import a few PDFs but the imports were quirky at best - and unusable in many instances. Orphaned lines of text within paragraphs, odd page sizes, unlinked text frames...basically impractical for anything beyond a flyer or poster. And doing a copy/paste from INDD is fraught with possible problems - such as the day INDD stops working with MacOS (and that day is coming). I completed 5 book projects since Affinity released Publisher and could not, in good conscience, produce any of them in a software that may not make it into widespread production. Affinity must set Publisher up to directly compete with INDD and part of that is the ability to import--and create--interchange formats. I updated the beta again today in hopes the IDML import feature would have been implemented since the last time I looked. After a test I ultimately deleted the app. I'll look at it again when Serif announces IDML import functionality (with a comparable interchange export functionality). Hopefully CS6 won't stop working with a future Mac update or I'll be going back to Quark (who added IDML import late last year). If I incur the significant one-time cost to move to Quark I will have little reason to consider Affinity Publisher for a very, very long time.
  7. While I don’t agree with the sentiment here (ultimatums don’t appeal to me) I do support page shuffling. And while I haven’t checked yet, a different highlight colour for each page with an applied master page design would be great. (If that is already a feature, this is my apology.) And OP: I don’t think Serif’s graphics are as much ‘confusing’ as ‘different’. We should not expect Serif to duplicate any desktop publishing application appearance (unless we want them to spend 10 years in court) but we should anticipate some level of cognitive dissonance during a transition between two apps.
  8. I agree with Fixx. I’ve done contract work (book design) where the final product was an InDesign file but that is (for me) a very edge case. I do, however, have an archive of completed projects that (every so often) I’m asked to update for a client and I really (REALLY!!!) don’t want to have to keep a copy of InDesign on my system. I would like to make a clean break with Adobe and, at this point, InDesign is the holdout. That said, I don’t expect the migration to a new desktop layout application to happen overnight. I remember a long and strenuous transition from Quark to InDesign almost 20 years ago that still makes my left eye twitch. IF Publisher turns out to be viable I can create IDML versions of those projects for which I have not already done so. (My normal workflow is to create an IDML from the final INDD file when a project is complete so I can open files on older versions of InDesign or Quark in a pinch.) Importing INDD files into Publisher is not as important to me as importing (and possibly exporting) IDML files for maximum forward compatibility. It would be great if the IDML import successfully imported the character, paragraph, and object styles.
  9. Any update on adding Colortrue support for Affinity Photo?
  10. Yes. I'm replying to my own post! I'm so happy to attach a screenshot of my Adobe Prison Release email. I pulled out my CS6 and installed InDesign to get me through until Publisher is available... No longer will I pay Adobe $55/month. Thanks Serif! Looking forward to the Publisher beta this summer!
  11. I've been designing and publishing books and magazines for almost 40 years. I remember learning to use Aldus PageMaker on the Mac II oh those many years ago and over the years I've purchased tens of thousands of dollars of Adobe software and been harnessed to the annoying subscription model for not-quite 3 years. Having stuck with Adobe for an awfully long (and expensive) time I grate my teeth every year when my CC subscription comes up for renewal. And one of the primary reasons I haven't explored other options was InDesign. (I hate Quark...) I learned of Affinity software today through a post about the Publisher preview on YouTube. Combined with Photo and Designer, I can finally see an end to my Adobe sentence. I downloaded the trials for Photo and Designer and am so impressed I'll learn new workflows over the next two months so I can cancel my CC subscription before the March 2 renewal. I have a break between publishing projects until mid-summer so my fingers are crossed Affinity Publisher will be in beta by then.
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