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  1. That is a nice feature and may can help. Don't get me wrong … but rasterising whole parts of the print work isn't much better than rasterising everything. Anyway, thanks for the hint!! :-) No, unfortunately the problem isn't "Allow Advanced Features". Must be some other combination of the settings. A linked file is just a lot more convenient :-) I have workdays where I need to work with some dozens of files. There is no button to convert a linked file to be automatically in place and truly embedded?
  2. Thanks for your effort :-) Ok, but how do you manage a shape or bitmap with transparency? That won't be rasterised as well and thus becomes opaque. I don't get why AD does rasterise the QR in the first place. It is just a simple vector. While it is "ok" to print everything rasterised there are downsides and as much as I don't like Adobe's latest progress and hope to switch there is no tool nowhere near enough to its printing features. However, I hope Affinity will improve and I will try to adjust :-) Thanks again!
  3. Thanks for your help! That particular file is quite big, but I made an example with the same "problem". Export-1 (Affinity Designer Preset PDF X-3) - Text path is fine - QR-Code/Vector is converted correctly to CMYK (source was sRGB) - Bitmap is still RGB, is not converted to CMYK Export-2 (Affinity Designer Preset PDF X-1a) - Text path is fine - QR-code/Vector is CMYK but also rasterized as a bitmap image - Bitmap is converted correctly to CMYK Export-3 (exported from Illustrator) - Text is still text (but it's ok, I forgot to convert it ) - QR-Code/Vector is CMYK and is still vector - Bitmap is converted correctly to CMYK Currently I am using Acrobat Pro to check the files. But I had the idea to use PDF Checkpoint for preflights, but there seems to be another problem with AD's PDF files – PDF Checkpoint can't read some exported files. At the I would like to have the same output in AD as I have with Illustrator. Most of the time, it doesn't matter if I it is a X-3 or X-1a (I know their capabilities). export-3-illustrator.pdf export-2.pdf export-1.pdf testfile.afdesign qr-affinity.pdf
  4. Hi there I am on my first project with Affinity Designer. I have got two bitmaps in RGB and want both to be converted when I export my PDF. I tried to export with preset "PDF (for print)" but that file isn't readable in PDF Checkpoint (where I do preflights). I tried preset "PDF X3" and in the "More" settings I checked to set Compatibility to "PDF X3" Color Space to "CMYK" and Profile to "ISO coated v2 300% (ECI)". But the bitmaps stay in RGB after export. Only text and shapes are CMYK.