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    Derrick Phillips reacted to Swarly91 in Affinity Designer Two finger gesture problem   
    I frequently have a problem where two finger gestures don’t respond or when I zoom in, it snaps back to the zoomed out view.
    This issue seems to come and go and sometimes gets fixed when switching to another app and back.
    I’m running the latest versions of iOS and AD.
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    Derrick Phillips got a reaction from Dodgeruk in Name document during set up   
    It would be great to be able to name new documents as they are being set up. And also to have access to name/rename while working without having to exit out to the file browser. 
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    Derrick Phillips reacted to Chris B in Moving items with the position slider in the Transform menu   
    Hey Derrick,

    I've reproduced this but it did take a few goes. Thanks for the video too! I'll pass it to the development team.