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  1. Just weighing in—I couldn't use the product without ePub support.
  2. Hi, I imported all google fonts into my MacBook using these instructions: https://jeffmatson.net/installing-all-google-fonts-on-macos/ The fonts work in Apple applications. In Affinity Designer, they show up in the list, but when I select one nothing appears. I did restart Designer. Can anyone help? Thanks.
  3. This is the first thing I have done with Affinity Designer. It is a collection of banners, cover photos, and profile photos in various sizes for different social media platforms. Artboards and Symbols served me well for this project. I needed to move the red dot on each of the maps, and since it was a symbol, I only had to do it once. Same with the Pig-Heart-Globe group. The export feature let me export all the artboards at once. I'm loving it!
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