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  1. This has still not been implemented. Very basic & essential tool missing from such an otherwise beautifully conceived application.
  2. REALLY surprised that this feature wasn't implemented in version 1.0 Really cannot recommend or use Affinity Designer in production until this is a thing. shame
  3. MikeMo

    Affinity Designer for Windows - 1.6.5

    Still no Free Transform tool for selected nodes in a shape?? Still no stacking masks? I'm pretty surprised at how limited the toolset is still in Affinity Designer. My initial excitement at how simplistic AD is compared to Illustrator has completely dissolved. Perhaps too many products over the different platforms has spread the team too thin. Can't recommend this app to anyone in it's current state and the snail's pace of development. Hope things improve in the future, I'll come back periodically to check on your progress.
  4. Thanks for the response, I had previously added the shapes destructively like you said when it occurred to me that compound shapes would be a better way of doing it, which is when I came across this issue. Fingers crossed this becomes a thing, as masks are a very powerful thing.
  5. So I'm overall loving the way Affinity handles masking but one thing slightly puzzles me. We can make a compound path but when we use that as a Layer mask you can no longer edit the nodes. Am I doing something wrong here or is this currently a limitation? Ideally I'd prefer not to combine my shapes for ultimate control but it seems it might be necessary. p.s. to the Devs, Designer is a beautiful piece of software and is a joy to use, even with these kind of limitations. Looking forward to 1.7
  6. Hi MEB, thanks for the greeting. How do you scale/rotate nodes? I had a look after installing for a Transform, or FreeTransform tool but couldn't find. What I'm trying to do is select a few nodes from a shape and bring up a free transform tool similar to Photoshop/Illustrator and scale uniformly/non-uniformly. The Photoshop free transform tool also allows you to move the pivot of the transform and any scaling will now be centred around that new point. I just noticed that there is another thread with lots of posts discussing this topic here.. Free transform selected nodes within a shape?
  7. This needs to be a thing ASAP in my opinion. A scale/rotate/align tool is a VERY basic thing and I'm very surprised it's missing from such a beautifully designed package.
  8. I would also like to know the answer to this question. I love using Affinity Designer on PC (so far it's a million times more intuitive to use than AI) but not having a Free Transform seems like a bit of an oversight. p.s. Free Transform tool should also respect your selection within the Node Tool. Currently to select some nodes and scale them you need to use the Transform dialog box.