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    56_kruiser reacted to gdenby in Another Size Topic   
    Ask the realtor what they want. Depends on what their printer wants.
    I just looked at the manual for the Canon 80D. There are 2 L size .jpg. The larger is supposed to be a bit over 7 MB in size. So I wonder how it turned out close to 10.  It is also of a size, A2,  that is big enough for paper printing a wall poster. The S1 size might be more appropriate for either full web screens or a brochure. It is close to a US letter size page. 
    My guess is that the image should be reduced to something like 1500 x 1000. At that size, it would likely fill up most browser windows. It should be enough to print as a horizontal panel in a single folded brochure. 
    Note: if exporting from Affinity, it appears that .jpg is always set to 100% quality. 90% quality is close to as good visually, and can have a file size 30% smaller.
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    56_kruiser got a reaction from Fixx in Another Size Topic   
    I took some shots for someone who indicated they wanted the file size smaller.
    I took the shots at the L size in my Canon 80jD. As an example, a shot is 5999X3999 and is 300 dpi.
    They are going to put in a web page, and so I thought that if I changed the dpi to 72, and exported, that the file size would be smaller, while maintaining 5999X3999. Turns out after the export it was larger. Original is 9.86MB and the exported one at 72dpi is 14.7MB.
    I guess I need to select lower quality in the export, no? What would be the suggested safe type/size, etc., for used in brochures, web site, etc.?
    I would also like to know what size is recommended to deliver to a realtor for MLS listings.
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    56_kruiser reacted to John Rostron in Another Size Topic   
    Yes. It might be worth checking the smallest acceptable image size, then reducing the quality to suit.
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    56_kruiser got a reaction from John Rostron in Another Size Topic   
    Yes, they meant file size. 
    Agreed, I need to read the stuff linked above re: DPI.
    So, it seems to me if I want a smaller files size I need to do 1 of 2 things: Save with less quality, or make the pixel dimensions smaller.
    Would you agree?
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    56_kruiser reacted to Fixx in Photo size vs. Quality / DPI   
    If you keep the image 2250X1500, it contains the same data regardless if the DPI is 72 or 300. JPEG compression may degrade the quality and change file size but amount of pixels stay unless you resample.
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    56_kruiser got a reaction from stokerg in Group Cover Photo Not working   
    Darn it. I am in the wrong forum. It's on Zenfolio.
    Sorry for the inconvenience.
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    56_kruiser reacted to clfry in HDR improvements/features needed (Batch!)   
    I'm an architectural photographer and I like Affinity's HDR ability enough that I would really like to replace Oloneo with Affinity in my HDR in my workflow, but there are a few things that are preventing me from doing so:

    Most importantly, batch processing is absolutely critical; I see that batch processing is possible for developing individual images, but it doesn't appear to be an option for HDR. This the deal breaker for me.
    Chromatic aberration correction would be best applied automatically before the HDR processing. With that said, chromatic aberration correction doesn't appear to do anything; the defringe feature seems to make a little difference, but not enough, and is a bit cumbersome and imprecise (in photoshop I know exactly which value to type in for a given lens or focal length).

    The merging/tonemapping/etc process is very slow compared to some of my other HDR apps, however, this wouldn't be a deal breaker if batch processing was an option.

    There are some other minor improvements I'd like to see, but these are really what keep me from using or recommending Affinity. You really have a good start though; it pulls highlights that Oloneo, Photomatix, Nik HDR effects, etc can't, and does so cleanly without halos, "smoke damage", color casts, etc. What is also great is that it is so close to being an all-in-one tool, that would eliminate me having to rely on multiple applications for my workflow, so I really have high hopes for Affinity's progression...
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    56_kruiser reacted to bent_4 in HDR improvements/features needed (Batch!)   
    I definately back you on this.
    I just realised there is no batch function for HDR but one for panoramas. Please include a batch function for HDR.
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    56_kruiser reacted to DTFrontMan in Plea For Batch HDR Merging   
    I've noticed this feature being asked about in other threads and wanted to share my desire for batch merging to HDR in Affinity Photo.
    As someone who does a lot of HDRI work I've gone through my fair share of different software searching for the best results (Photomatix, HDR Expose, Dynamic Photo HDR along with pano stacking with Autopano Giga and PTGui etc).  After purchasing Affinity Photo I've found that in most if not all cases it's HDR merging has the best automatic ghost removal and processing of any app I've used, yet it's the only one without some sort of batch tools for multiple stacks.  Currently I am manually sorting through 500+ separate stacks for a project I'm working on and would greatly appreciate (as well as pay for) a means of running these through a script to automate it all.
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    56_kruiser reacted to toltec in Drag PNG onto open photo-> then adjust size...   
    In Affinity Photo, go File > Place, find the file you want to add and click on the top left of where you want the image to start. Drag to size and release the mouse.
    Done !

    See the "Place" pointer, bottom right of new image.

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