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    imfastrnu2 got a reaction from Kristof in [Other] Affinity Web-Please!   
    I would love to see "Affinity Web" as well. If they did that, I could be rid of Adobe once and for all! PLEASE make this!
    I'm not a programmer and I have no idea what it takes to develop software but I think they could probably develop it off the Affinity Publisher format once htat's finished. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that's where Adobe got Muse, off the InDesign platform.
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    imfastrnu2 got a reaction from Alfred in Mac/Windows License   
    Alfred, this explanation makes the most sense to me. Financially, Affinity can not give a license out to people who run both platforms with unlimited seating. Makes perfect sense.
    When I originally posted this, I was under the belief that they limited the seats to two or possibly three. If that were the case, people with both a Mac and a PC were at a disadvantage, financially; because they would have to buy it twice (because of the different license keys) to have a legal copy on both machines whereas the owners of either all PC's or all Mac's would only have to buy once because of the same license key). That is the only point I was trying to make. Unlimited for either platform though? Yeah, the price is more than fair.
    Thank you.