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  1. Same here, Designer crashes 5 out of 6 times when I open the printing dialog (CTRL+P). My document has 9 artboards. Printing can be achieved though, as the printing dialog will eventually appear without crashing the app, just restarting Designer and opening the same file several times is kinda annoying, so I'm eager to see that bug squashed. @Mark Ingram thank you for the good news, looking forward to testing the beta!
  2. Seems to be fixed in I just checked the Expand Stroke, and it's VERY accurate now!
  3. Affinity Designer Bug is reproducible (printed this document on 2 different printers with same results) The document was created from scratch (basically it's a new document) Sample document is attached. Photo of the result is attached too. Operating system is Windows 10 (with all latest updates at the time of writing this) What happens: - I created a new document, it's a 2-page template for a small bi-fold wallet - All Strokes are 2pt thick, all Dashed Strokes are 1.5pt thick - When I print the document from Affinity Designer, all but 2 objects are printed with a very thin line, including dashed strokes. The printers that I used to print this are: - Oki SP 111 - HP Color LaserJet Enterprise flow M880z Both printers ended up with the same results Looks like the information about stroke thickness gets lost when Affinity Designer sends info to the printer. Mini bifold card holder.afdesign
  4. Designer is indeed a great software, but it is still not suitable for pixel-perfect work
  5. If you look closely, you'll notice that there is a clearly visible distortion appearing on circular objects when you expand their strokes. It may seem OK from afar, but if you use those icons in an app on a small screen with high pixel density, it'll look veeeeeery bad...
  6. Designer 1.7.1 I created a file that clearly shows the amount of inaccuracy after expanding strokes. I took white icons and grouped them on a black background. I duplicated the group on top of the first one, painted it black, and expanded strokes. The white color of the original, non-expanded icons that is visible, shows the difference between expanded and non-expanded. Each icon is about 40x40 pixels. The original afdesign file is attached to this post. icons.afdesign
  7. This bug has been reported in Designer 1.6 as far as November 3rd, 2017. Since then, nothing has changed. In this post I even compared different vector drawing software with Affinity Designer (Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, and the opensource Inkscape). All perform way better than Designer at expanding strokes... :(
  8. 2019 here, version 1.7 released, bug is still present. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/49241-designer-16-expand-stroke-tool-overly-aggressive-with-rounded-corners/&page=2
  9. This sneak preview is a nice Christmas present from the developers. Looking forward to testing and buying Affinity Publisher!
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