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  1. I agree, I issue warning maps and this would be mighty helpful!
  2. Hello @Dan C Seems to be working as expected after following those steps. Any particular reason for this?
  3. Thank you! I have hidden the post as I cannot delete it now. Will do the same with your post if it isn't gone when I refresh the page.
  4. Nope! Definitely not the issue as I have since disabled the snapping options.
  5. Hi, Sorry for the late response but it stopped and has just started again... here's the snapping settings... @Dan C
  6. Yes, I did think of that myself but wondered if there was an even way of doing it as drawing rectangles individually may not come out as even as say drawing a grid etc.
  7. I need help with splitting it into three with different background colours. I have already tried text frame but you can only set one background colour for it. Thanks in advance.
  8. Hello, I'd like to mask out this image so that the yellow, orange and red icons are only showing--no background. Please watch this video and help me as I'm a newbie. ScreenFlow.mp4
  9. Well, this is certainly a good work around however what happens if you want one element a different colour?
  10. Thanks! Mine was just above 1000 so it cannot be that surely. I have found by playing around though that it is significantly improve after switching off the tools highlights below
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