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  1. Mark Clifford

    Merging Images together

    @Wosven Thank you so much for the attachment. It helps A LOT!
  2. Mark Clifford

    Merging Images together

    What does that mean? The map is made up of loads of different parts.
  3. Mark Clifford

    Merging Images together

    Second time lucky? ScreenFlow.mp4
  4. Mark Clifford

    Merging Images together

    That doesn't work if I draw a shape over all three separate map parts as only one of them will be covered by the shape I draw. I'm not sure you understand what I'm trying to do, despite my best efforts to explain it
  5. Mark Clifford

    Merging Images together

    I've got myself really confused. Probably because I haven't played with Affinity Designer for a while. In the example below you can see that the "A" shape is snapped onto the map. The map itself is one image. In the video, as I explained the map is not one image but in three separate parts. What I want to do is make those 3 separate parts one so that I can snap shapes to the map as shown below. Hope that makes more sense.
  6. Please watch. See below. 1234.mp4
  7. Mark Clifford


    That's very frustrating! Thank you for your help.
  8. I recently brought Ultimate Map Pack: Global from metgraphics.net and upon zooming in it gets distorted. The creator of these maps says it is the lack of smart-scaling in the Affinity products. Because of this I cannot zoom into the area I require. Is there a way round this/am I missing something? Please help!!
  9. I would like to create something like this: https://cl.ly/r2Fj but I cannot find a way to create a table in Designer. Anyone able to help a guy out?!
  10. Hello, Would it be possible to have a Maps extension for Affinity, something like https://www.esri.com/software/maps-for-adobecc This would be amazing for my line of work, Weather Forecaster...