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  1. @Chris B Hey finally got a minute to check this out. There is a bug with this approach. Steps to reproduce: Select rounded rectangle tool with no objects selected Try to enable/disable either "Single radius" or "Absolute sizes" Neither of those checkboxes does anything, so if I want to set the default rounded corner for all my rectangles to 4px, I can't Please investigate Windows 10, AD
  2. My Affinity Designer is set to re-open documents on startup, and every time I have to manually zoom to 100% on every one of them. Inexplicably the unchangable default is "fit to screen"
  3. I'm requesting a pass at battery life savings for the next version of Affinity Designer on Mac. Seems to use a lot even when I'm not actively using the app if I leave it open.
  4. So make the betas use a beta .plist file? Sounds like a cop out. We're talking about the trial (your one and only opportunity to convert paying customers) which should be directly upgradable within the app - but if that's not possible then at the very least the new version should use or import the preferences. It's an absolutely terrible user experience to put on your paying customers, making them potentially lose all their assets and having to reconfigure the entire application including hotkeys and preferences. In fact your own "please upgrade" email states you can "pick up where you left off". Not good at all tbh
  5. This is a very common action for me and is not anywhere else in the UI. Adding an export button to the touchbar for it is a perfect use for it, rather than duplicating buttons that already exist elsewhere on the UI. Another useful button would be toggling the application UI.
  6. If I even slightly move the mouse too far to the right I can't click the visibility buttons on the layers panel. Affinity Designer 1.6.0
  7. What about letting me dock two columns of panes like I can on Windows?
  8. Yeah my layers panel is floating, which is only because of another issue which is that you can't dock two columns of panels on the Mac version.
  9. Hi MEB I looked in the ~/Library/Preferences folder as well as within the .app container and couldn't find it. Guess it got wiped when I launched the app store version?
  10. Every time I draw a rectangle I have to select "absolute sizes" and change the pixel size. It always defaults to 25%... You guys should clearly start paying me instead of your testers Affinity Designer 1.6.0
  11. You also can't add two columns of "docked" panes on the right side like you can on Windows, so I'm forced to have this setup with floating panes... MacOS 10.12.6, Affinity Designer 1.6.0
  12. Luckily I exported mine by chance before the trial expired, otherwise my asset library I'd built up would be lost forever. This is really unacceptable to have to deal with after buying a product, especially on top of the fact you have to completely redo all your preferences, app defaults, pane settings, etc. Also the trial isn't the same version as the full, meaning stupid bugs like not being able to duplicate symbols still exist in it.
  13. From further testing this seems to be caused by the layer panel trying to select layers via shift+arrow keys (as shift+up/down selects layers above/below accordingly). Can we have an option to disable this functionality please? I want my arrow keys to interact with the canvas. Never the tool panes. Forgot to mention this doesn't occur on Windows.
  14. Somehow focus is lost or something? Pressing an arrow key without pressing shift still works to move the layer though (but only by 1 pixel). Irritating MacOS 10.12.6, Affinity Designer 1.6.0
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