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  1. You ever get the feeling something follows you in your dreams.
  2. exciting! i hope I'm still in practice.
  3. practicing various gradient techniques
  4. So i was at mcdonalds and decides to draw my fries. they were delicious
  7. one of the best feeling of when you finish a digital art project is when it comes out of the print. i love the print job. holding it in your hands make it so real. an d the detail is awesome



  8. those are awesome!!!! if it were a tv show i'd watch
  9. brilliant. I'm saving my $$$ to get my dream camera. I can't wait to get back into my photography mode. I'm so inspired now!
  10. Here it is my 4th installment of my "Nightmare on Sesame St" Collection before halloween. I will go back through my original work and clean them up and get them printed for my wall. GRAPHIC*** ENJOY! Burt&Ernie is The Thriller
  11. yeah i really did not know what i wanted oscar to end up looking like and how. no movies or horror ideas came to mind because i was to observed into trying to keep similarities. give me a week and Ill have a pretty "Killer" Cookie Monster
  12. This is more concept art... I did not have much of a halloween Idea because i did not know exactly how i wanted him to look. so now that I have something on "paper" from my own head I can follow this version a little easier. probably change a few features. My favorite detail are his eyes. I SUCK at drawing eyes but for some reason my EYE game is pretty strong today lol. This one's for Garry. Just when you think He's a nice guy then BAM! lol
  13. So Affinity World. What resolution screen do you feel works best for Designer and Photo?

    I ask because I am in the market. 

    I guess what I am wondering is, am I getting the best out of designer with lets say my 13" retina screen


    or if I got a 32" HDTV capable of 4k would is make designing that much better?

    1. Bri-Toon


      Thank you for following. Right back at ya.

  14. As someone who started in Photography back in 2004 I appreciate this work a lot, it reminds me so much of my days, on my SV650S traveling all over California. great stuff. if you are into cars or anything that goes VROOM I would go to your local track day and hook up with some photographers there. Plenty of time to learn new perspectives, and a great way to learn the best time of day to shoot some photos. Affinity photo is a great program I think you will enjoy it. Photography and Design can really inspire new techniques. Good luck to you! hope to see more work soon.
  15. your powers of observations are pretty dead on with the styles I'm impressed. the reason being is because the lady and the tray were done 5 years ago when I did it the first time. the original piece actually had to cupcakes on the tray. she wanted the cups to show the type of desserts she makes.
  16. made a logo design for a friend who is a baker she does parfait kind of dessert cupsgood stuff im kind of obsessed with recreating food, its a real challenge especially making them life like or 3D
  17. This one took me a few days on and off. i need a to fashion a sponge for my tablet pen lol. number 2 for my sesame street characters as horror film characters next one will be oscar the grouch
  18. i just realized you can make the photos larger which is great i was worried that you couldn't really see the details in the image
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