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  1. I press OK and the next Message pop up: "Error". An the install close. At any time. In the Task Manager the software is still there. So it will not end automatically. I also closed the COM software manually. But then only the message "Error" appears in the installer. The only thing that helps is to completely uninstall 1.8.x.
  2. In all Affinity (Designer/Photo/Publisher) products during the update/upgrade from 1.8.x to 1.9.0 a "COM Surrogate" error can appear on Windows. Solution Uninstall the 1.8.xxx on the system Reboot the System Start the installer(s) again for me this has helped. Greetings
  3. Thanks for helping to push this feature. We still miss it too. The more people ask for it, the sooner it will hopefully be implemented through Affinity. thanks
  4. Thanks Reinhard This works really well and is great for the black channel to check whether only black is used. Thanks for this nice tip. I would like this channel tab to be available globally across all three Affinity products. And finaly, the integration of the softproof function ;)
  5. Thank you walt.farrell This is not 100% correct: in each beta you can see what the devteam has been done and where the final is going. For example here: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/103867-affinity-publisher-customer-beta-180523/ And yes, a roadmap would be helpful. We at the company will otherwise renew the Adobe Subscription for one year in the next two months. However, we would like to give Affinity a chance and would rather spend the money here and not to Adobe. From our point of view, the softprood function is the last one where is needed for our w
  6. Sorry for my push... But 1.7.3 has been released this monday. This feature described here probably had no place in this release. Where can I see that this has been forwarded to the dev team? At the moment I am hesitating to give the publisher the purchase recommendation. On the one hand because of this important function, on the other hand how it communicates. For private use, the software is great, as you like to take a small missing features in purchase. But for daily use, publisher needs a lot of time to replace adobe or others. The basis for private or temporary designers is
  7. This is a feedback thread. No support thread... Anyway... The proposed workaround is not optimal. If you, like me, I create more designs and documents on a day. A button or a menu entry with a shortcut to turn on / off would be a huge help. I had already communicated this to the developer many months ago in Affinity Photo, then in Designer. Now also in Publisher. Hope this problem gets the attention of the developers. Nevertheless, thank you both for the ideas thumbs up EDIT: My Workaround is export to PDF/X and soft proof in Acrobat Pro. But, whenever I have correcte
  8. Dear Affinty-Team How can I perform a soft proof on my calibrated monitor? About all pages in the document? With the current softproof function, this only applies to the current page. Not suitable for the control of several pages. Please insert the soft proof as a menu item that will help us to check all pages. Additionally, please also integrate the CMYK or spot color separation as a preview. As in Affinity Photo, we can hide the channels (eye icon), such as black, and check them before exporting to PDF/X for the print shop or large printing. These two functions help us a
  9. And also Scale. Only with the aspect size of the picture. No any custom resize in any direction.
  10. Thanks for fixing shortly The way to go this freeze in the Screencast: And also in resize after the horizon tool.
  11. We can't do Documentation without this feature, and optional in combination with APub, for the Company's. Please give us an option or implement it. Thank you after years of waiting for this feature
  12. Affinity Designer ist also nicht aktuell? Spannend... einen kleinen Moment, ich schaue nochmals zur Sicherheit... Doch ist es! Jetzt bin ich richtig sauer...und sie wissen genau warum? Ich hab extra vor meinem letzten Post die Aktualisierung durchgeführt und auch jetzt ist kein Update gekommen. Ich glaube Sie sind nicht der richtige Ansprechpartner und nicht Qualifiziert auf solche Fragen zu Antworten. Sie gehören wirklich zum Staff? Um es mal abgesehen von meinen Erfahrungen in der internationalen Druckbranche, in einem mir normalerweise fremden Ton auf Ihr vermutliches Alter
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