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  1. I can't seem to replicate it with a new document in the latest beta and unfortunately don't have time to do a complete new setup of the document, but the file in question is attached. I did have to remove some client-specific information, but upon duplication of the page, the duplicate will have its frame linking jumbled. This is also visible in the page thumbnail after it refreshes. pricelist_sample.afpub
  2. I have a page with 3 text frames that I've linked. When I select the frames and alt + drag them, or when I duplicate the entire page, the link order gets switched. So instead of frame A being linked to B, being linked to C, the duplicate will have frame B linked to A, linked to C.
  3. After creating 2 pages and placing the same Affinity Designer file on the pages, I updated 1 of the images via the Resource Manager (which, I believe, should be a dockable panel similar to Text Styles rather than what is is now). While the file on the page itself has updated, the preview in the pages panel still shows the 'old' image.
  4. With InDesign I can place a lot of file types, including Word documents. InDesign doesn't natively support bidirectional synchronisation of linked Word documents (the WordsFlow software/plugin takes care of that), but I'd love to see this as a native feature in APu. It makes it a lot easier to work with copywriters as they can focus on the text using Word, while the designer simply links the contents in 'their' document. Any changes in the Word file will get auto-updated in APu (ideally also vice versa). InDesign also has a very simple, yet effective, data merge function. This is something I use a lot and it would be sorely missed if APu won't get it. Support of CSV-files for data sources would suffice IMO. Table styles are too hard to find and nearly impossible to understand, which makes using them a real PITA. This should get some more love & attention IMO. Lastly, I seem to unable to find where Object styles are hidden, if they are available at all. These are incredible time savers that are immensely important for continuity.
  5. Maybe I'm dense, but where and how does one get and install the necessary files? For example; I'd need Dutch spelling and hyphenation settings available...
  6. A small tip: after saving your "template", set the file's properties to read-only. That way, you can't accidentally save over the file.
  7. When using Illustrator, I can assign a global color swatch to a shape and then set its tint (eg. 50% of swatch X). If I then change the settings of swatch X, the shapes that have that swatch color assigned will also update. The problem with AD is that, yes, I can assign a global color swatch to a shape, but then can't change/set the tint when it's been assigned to an object. Instead I need to create tints in the swatches panel (7, including the original swatch and white...) and assign those individually. The tint swatches can be made global as well, but they won't update when the original swatch gets changed. In my mind, this defeats the idea of (global) tint swatches, especially as there doesn't seem to be a way to select all objects with a certain fill/stroke color applied. I would really like to see tints be added to the swatches' options. A simple slider would suffice, but it would be really sweet if you'd be able to create 'tint swatches' that are linked to the original swatch. My thinking is that these will update their 'base color' when the original swatch gets changed. At the same time, these tint swatches would behave as global swatches so if you change tint swatch Z from 15% to 38%, all objects with that swatch applied would change their tints.
  8. I'm wondering how you guys deliver updates to the software. I've heard there are beta releases containing features I'd like to get sooner rather than later (like the glyphs panel) but I don't see anything in Designer regarding checking for updates. Is that a manual process or does the software check 'behind the screens' and offer the update automatically?
  9. Coming from the Adobe suite, I'm used to being able to save document setups (dimensions, resolution, color space, margins, bleeds etc.) but I can't find that option in Affinity Designer. It's a real time saver when you frequently use the same document setup (A4, A5, business card).

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