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  1. Fonts are system level and should be available in either platform. Brushes can be used directly. While I do not have super complex brushes, I have never found one I couldn't just load up and use. Vector graphics svg are a standard like jpeg or png. They load just fine into Designer. SOME, but not all, Photoshop Plugins will work in Affinity Photos. I am looking for the master list now, as I've misplaced it.
  2. With a robust hotkey interface, you can use midistroke (http://charlie-roberts.com/midiStroke/) to map any midi controller to your application of choice. The Behringer Xtouch compact at $299 is a good start. https://www.music-group.com/Categories/Behringer/Computer-Audio/Desktop-Controllers/X-TOUCH-COMPACT/p/P0B3L But yes, a controller would be nice. Having it feed back to motorized faders for things like color correction would be really cool.
  3. I have Landscape Pro and Portrait Pro body working (in addition to Portrait Pro, but it is already listed as working on the linked page) on a Mac running Sierra. Has anyone gotten the DAZ Studio photoshop bridge plugin to work (www.daz3d.com)? If so, how as I appear to be doing it wrong?