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  1. anyone try Oniric Glow Generator yet? https://compositenation.com/plugins/oniric?fbclid=IwAR2GFTKdSQK2KiogqruS9fVpADLHijm8vVAVueUNRmOaoms2XTQl3a1ABU0
  2. Fonts are system level and should be available in either platform. Brushes can be used directly. While I do not have super complex brushes, I have never found one I couldn't just load up and use. Vector graphics svg are a standard like jpeg or png. They load just fine into Designer. SOME, but not all, Photoshop Plugins will work in Affinity Photos. I am looking for the master list now, as I've misplaced it.
  3. v3rlon

    Is there a way to feed back to you on the Affinity supported plugins list?


    I am currently running the latest App Store version of Affinity Photo 1.5.2, on the latest MacOS Sierra 10.12.6.



    Portrait Pro Studio 15 runs as expected (so I am doing them right)

    Portrait Pro Body crash Affinity as soon as I try to open.

    Landscape Pro crash Affinity as soon as I try to open.



    1. MEB


      Hi v3rlon,
      Thanks for letting me know. I still have to update the whole list for version 1.6, so will have to test these as well. I know there's was a few improvements to the plugin support in v1.6 so it's possible these two also run on the latest Beta but without testing i can't confirm that yet.

  4. With a robust hotkey interface, you can use midistroke (http://charlie-roberts.com/midiStroke/) to map any midi controller to your application of choice. The Behringer Xtouch compact at $299 is a good start. https://www.music-group.com/Categories/Behringer/Computer-Audio/Desktop-Controllers/X-TOUCH-COMPACT/p/P0B3L But yes, a controller would be nice. Having it feed back to motorized faders for things like color correction would be really cool.
  5. in a completely unrelated note, I would like the Daz3d photoshop bridge to work. This allows for easier composition with daz3d studio. At the moment, I cannot even get them to show up, much less work. That are in the same directory as my Anthropics set, which show up fine (only portrait pro doesn't crash Affinity at the moment). Mac running Sierra with everything fully updated. Daz plugin for free from www.daz3d.com If anyone has had any luck, please share.
  6. I have Landscape Pro and Portrait Pro body working (in addition to Portrait Pro, but it is already listed as working on the linked page) on a Mac running Sierra. Has anyone gotten the DAZ Studio photoshop bridge plugin to work (www.daz3d.com)? If so, how as I appear to be doing it wrong?
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