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  1. Monseg

    Merge Visible

    No often does not appear. I have the same situation. Usually, when you work for a long time, the program starts to hang, as if it does not unload anything from memory, and there is also a problem with thumbnails and podtormzhivaniem when switching layers. It is on two computers, at home and at work.
  2. Monseg

    Memory/CPU optimizations

    I often just have two open files, causing the whole system to hang completely because all the memory is busy and until I force you to unload the photo.exe система висит. Repeats very often, especially if you open two photos in the raw and exit the mode of develop, and then continue to create corrective layers, in front of everything starts to slow down.
  3. Monseg

    Affinity Photo crashing, not responding

    I have version 1.5.2, works on windows 7 64 Some time worked without problems, but in recent days, often began to face the hang of the hang. The options are two or everything starts to hang and take up the memory of the PC from 5 gigabytes and as a result only the closing and opening helps. Or it starts to slow down and closes with an error (it did not have time to take a screenshot, and the file's size is not important as the number of layers.) It can even be just an open file, there is a suspicion that the problem is related to the inpainting brush tool. By the way, in order not to produce a new topic, I'll ask here. Is it possible to make the progress of the process brighter? And then personally I see only a white strip and I do not see how much is already done