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  1. I was never happy how AP handled aspect ratios, but cropping seemed have gotten worse in 1.7. My last crop set the aspect ratio to 1:1. Somehow this ratio was remembered and applied to a panoramic image. Rather than fitting a square crop onto the image, the default crop extended several thousand pixels above and below the image. At least it got the width "right". :-) I think initial crops should be contained to the actual canvas rather than spilling all over the place.
  2. When resizing the canvas in AP while the brush tool is selected, the original pixel layer does not refresh automatically but needs to be "repainted" using the brush. This does not happen when a different tool (e.g., the view tool) is selected. In that case the pixel layer displays instantaneously. Also, AP still has trouble recognizing my surface pro pen. :-( Brush size is not displayed correctly. I have to move the mouse over the canvas to display brush size. Then the pen can take over.
  3. When stacking two images I try to manually blend them using masks. However, the brush hardness is always at 100% and the brush opacity settings are ignored as well, which makes manual blends very difficult, if not impossible.
  4. When the focus stack is complete I see a source panel and all the individual layers. However, once I do anything (zoom in, zoom out, select a brush, whatever) the sources panel turns empty. I can turn the entire panel on and off, but I never managed to get the actual source layers back. The panel has one merged layer but nothing else. How can I actually work on the individual layers of the focus stack? I tried a few more times, but the sources panel is still a source of aggravation: sometimes I see source layers, but they are now named "untitled" and some are missing. I don't recall having these issues when working through the focus merge tutorial in the workbook, but now, after banging my head around it for a few hours it's time to change over to a different piece of software.
  5. I've tried AP now for a year, switching back between AP and PS6, watching endless hours of instructional videos, reading the book, and, sadly, Affinity isn't quite there yet. A non-destructive development persona, which allows me to go back an re-tweak my files as tastes (and skills) evolve is probably on the top of my wish list. That would go with a smarter file format that records those changes. Better stylus support for my Surface tablet is a close second. Automatically aligning layers is a third. I like to blend layers by hand, and AP just doesn't quite cut it. I am banging my head against certain images only to switch over to PS and be done in a minute. Yes, practice makes perfect, but it shouldn't take that much practice. Another thing that drives me crazy: I never know what my masks are doing. Somehow the thumbnail never updates as fast as I would like - if it does at all. Again, in that other software it's pretty obvious and has never bothered me. In AP I am always preparing for a fight. There are plenty of things to like but the above are some of the deal breakers. So, maybe, hopefully, version 2 will get it right. I'd really hate to switch to CC - but as soon as my current camera fails I'll have to make a decision. :-(
  6. As a brand new user I have used the software for maybe a week now and found some "interesting" quirks: using the up- down- arrow keys changes exposure in increments of 1.0 - a huge increment using the same keys on white balance changes the WB by 1 degree - a tiny increment a horizon levelling tool would be really nice showing the brush size before the pen commits to the screen would be nice and non-destrctive developing (supposed to happen soon) would be a major, major improvement. And while you're at it: saving the developing information in a tiny sidecar file would certainly be the way to go. There are other issues, but I am still working my way through the tutorial videos. Here I would find written tutorials more helpful as one can follow them step by step. At this point I am intrigued, though Affinity won't replace ACR quite yet.