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  1. Windows 7 64 Pro I select three files, click to start the HDR assembly process and everything closes. Tried it 6 times. The logs of both the system and the AppData Video_21-09-07_15-15-20.mp4 empty cd94e0ef-03e4-4180-a2ff-6cf1e6440f2f.dmp
  2. I have the same situation. Moreover, Aero turned it on, but the error persisted. Up to this point, everything worked like that
  3. I open the document, create some layers, make edits. I save it through the combination "ctr+alt+shift+s" and delete the JPG format. After exporting the file, the cursor is visible in the image but disappears from the panels, as if it goes to a level lower than the interface
  4. I use only keyboard and mouse. Strangely, this is the first time I encountered such an error. Now I worked for more than an hour, I just saved it and I could not repeat the problem. But!!! While I was writing this and decided to check it, I saved it in the JPEG and the problem repeated itself! Closed everything. I opened it again. Made minor changes, saved and again no problem.
  5. Tried to repeat, but after any action on close, a save prompt appears.
  6. Version 1.8.4 (windows 7) How it manifests itself: The cursor disappears and is displayed only in the work area, but it is not visible on panels and tools, tabs. Steps that caused the problem: Worked with layers in PSD, made export to JPEG. The save indication did not appear. The file was saved, but the cursor immediately disappeared. Switching to tabs, menus, and another warm-up area didn't help. Video: https://youtu.be/vRG7HnnVl5c
  7. Great advice, thanks, it turned out to be fixed. Turned off the second monitor (at the time of settings). Shot down all the profiles, on the default profiles (sRGB). After that, the panels returned their colors. The native profiles from the BENQ coming out were incorrect.
  8. I managed to pick up this plugin. After restarting the program, everything appeared. I am attaching a screenshot. In the list of available plug-ins, it appeared and starts. True, it’s hanging, but this is a question for the plugin itself
  9. I also tried changing these values. To my shame, I do not remember after which he appeared. Perhaps this is a feature of the video card driver or the consequences of updating the system. But it is precisely this selectivity that confuses us. Most of the interface is displayed normally, without changes. And clearly related to the system. Of course not critical, but it is interesting to understand the reason.
  10. On one of my computers, I see a reddish hue on the skates in the panel in Affinity Photo. Looking ahead, I’ll say that it doesn’t affect work, but it’s a little annoying, because it is knocked out of the general gamut)) I checked it at another workplace, and everything is fine there - white. On the problematic version, the inscriptions are all white. Other icons are also without any shades. The colors of the images without distortion. Color profiles changed. Uninstalled, reinstalled, etc. The monitor is calibrated. There is a native profile. In other applications, the same problem is only visible in Affinity Designer. Did a reset of the application. I tried to play with the settings. Completely reinstalled. Monitor: BenQ GL2480 24 " Video: Geforce 1060 I can’t understand after what it appeared and what is the reason. In other applications, this is not observed (although when color profiles are knocked down in the application for viewing window images, a reddish tint also appears, then this is not there. I apologize in advance for the possibly poorly worded text, as I wrote through a translator.
  11. How I found out about this update: - I was thrown out of the application without warning (I made a poster for 2 day). - launched in the hope that the program will offer to restore the files. - I did not see the recovery, I saw a new update.
  12. On version, I was also able to repeat, although it began to seem like it would not work. The only differences between the hang appeared a pause and export animation appeared. But when the band reached the end, nothing but the cancel button is inaccessible. Again only complete unloading from the memory helped. The steps are: - export image - to jpeg - press start and immediately ctr+ s I have come across this before, but rarely sooo rarely. And the day before, I had to export a lot and then close it and missed several times between the keys and voila)
  13. Faced such an unpleasant moment. If you start exporting while working with an image and then (accidentally) press ctr+ s (save), the program hangs tight. The export cancel button is active, but clicking on it does not help. It is necessary to unload the program from memory completely. It turns out the export starts after clicking the save button and even though I did not start saving, some kind of conflict occurs. I watch repeatedly on two machines (windows 7 and windows 10) ver. Sorry for the bad translation
  14. No often does not appear. I have the same situation. Usually, when you work for a long time, the program starts to hang, as if it does not unload anything from memory, and there is also a problem with thumbnails and podtormzhivaniem when switching layers. It is on two computers, at home and at work.
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