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  1. Yeah it's just a few minutes of code fixing. Hope they will fix it soon. Until then we have to add ": " in-front of our location as you did there
  2. Hello, I have a suggestion for the forums. How about adding a ": "(colon and a space) after Location info or simply removing the text "Location" from the post/comment author pane. Its really annoying(I hope many would have felt the same). Current issue: My suggested change would be: Thanks!
  3. I have a workaround for you to try. I am using the following process to use templates in my projects. 1. Create a file in Designer that you would like to use as a template. Save it somewhere and close the file. 2. Now navigate to the file in your windows file explorer and right click on it -> Properties. In the general tab, under 'Attributes' section you have to check "Read-only". This makes the file from overwriting. 3. Now you can use the same file again and again without recreating the same. Hope it helps you And I don't think that Affinity will support Illustrator templates, but lets hope Affinity may include their own template format in the future.
  4. I have the same issue mentioned by HaDAk, but it doesn't crash that often with the latest version of Affinity. I doubt the same. But I couldn't notice any change in behavior with other windows.
  5. Hello, Gabe! I am facing this issue only with Affinity suite. Other than that, all the application windows launch in their respective positions. You can even see my Task bar in the primary monitor(in the screenshots provided) remain unchanged. I would like to mention that I am using a window docking application called "WinDock" to position my windows. It works like when I grab a window and touch my mouse pointer in the monitor edges, the window gets resized and positioned based on user-defined set of rule. Does it have anything to do with this issue? Thank you, Vishnu Raghav B
  6. Hello Team Affinity, I am facing this weird issue running both Affinity Designer & Photo with dual monitor setup. I usually keep my Application window on my primary display and arrange the necessary tools panel in my secondary display. Everything works perfectly fine but, after every week or 10 days the display gets swapped actually. I mean the Application window moves to the secondary monitor and the tools panels moves to my primary with the exact panel arrangement. Here are the screenshots of the issue. Below image describes the layout I usually set, After a week or so, when I launch Designer or Photo, the results look like the below screenshot. I have a Nvidia GTX 750TI 2GB Graphics card with latest drivers installed. And I did not perform any driver update in between. If you need any further information to fix my issue, please do let me know. Thank you Vishnu Raghav B
  7. Hello, Team Affinity! I realized that I have never used the scroll bars in both Designer and Photo application. I use the space bar to pan around the document. I just thought it would be nice to hide the scroll bars to increase the document real estate by few pixels. My suggestion is to add an option to "Show/Hide Scrollbars" under View menu Thank you, Vishnu Raghav B
  8. Hi Sean, thanks for confirming! Waiting eagerly to get it fixed.
  9. Great, this workaround did the job. Thanks! But it has to work even if the Live Filter is placed as the child, isn't it? By default, when I select a layer and apply a live filter it gets linked to that layer as a child but produces some weird artifacts.. I think this is some kind of bug.
  10. Hi, I have checked your document and found that you have unchecked "Layer visibility on export" for certain items. Inside your second embedded document, go to your export persona and check the layers panel. Before: The first three items has been unchecked "Layer visibility on export". After: Check all those and then export that document. Everything works well. Hope this helps!
  11. Affinity Designer/Photo exports PDF with embedded fonts only with system installed fonts. It does detects fonts activated through programs like FontBase, NexusFont, etc. but unfortunately it doesn't embed those fonts with the document. The workaround will be to install those fonts directly on the system, and then export the PDF with embed fonts feature enabled. This has been worked for me so far! Hope it might help someone.
  12. Hi, It would be really helpful if you guys add the Eye-dropper to the color picker panel of the Lens Filter adjustment layer. Thanks!
  13. Hi, It would be really helpful if you guys add the Eye-dropper to the color picker panel of the Lens Filter adjustment layer. Thanks!
  14. Hi everyone, I'm facing an issue with this set of Live Filters - When I add any of these Live Filter to a layer with any of the Layer fx on, it creates some weird square patterns outside the layer. That is, the layer fx is only confined to its layer boundary and doesn't expand itself according to the distortion. Here is a video to recreate the issue. Please look into this issue. Thanks!
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