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  1. OK, this did the trick for me. Oh boy, oh boy... thank you Alfred.
  2. Oh, boy, today I have the same problem. Will try the steps above. Right now it looks like this:
  3. Thank you Vishnu, after a year and half that is the only solution, that works for me! I is a bit akward, but it does the job. Thanks once again.
  4. Dear Affinity Support Team and everybody else. Maybe I am missing something, but I cannot find the bitmap mode in Affinity Photo. I just opened a black-white TIFF formated file with 1000 dpi and it opened as RGB?! Thank you in advance.
  5. Hello, Alfred. Thank you for your reply. Than it seems, that the problem is something with my computer/Windows installation (I am using Windows 8.1 64-bit)... Ouch! That means, I have to reformat and reinstall one day the whole system. Anyway, I will try to do that in the comming month (april) and than I will report back. OK, thanks for your help guys!
  6. Sean P, I just tried the Beta version and I get the same result: Look at the attachement (pdf). For whatever reason, the text gets converted to curves/outlined. I am using the default settings for pdf export (in this case PDF export for Web): Thanks. test.pdf
  7. Hi Sean P, I am using version Here is a screenshot: Will try to use the Beta version and report back.
  8. Hello. Sorry to bother, but I have a problem with Affinity Designer for Windows (right now I don't have a Mac at my hand, so cannot replicate the problem on there). Whenever I try to use some TTF fonts in a document and try to export it to PDF, these texts gets outlined/converted to curves. And I don't know, why. What am I doing wrong? These fonts are from the Softmaker Megafonts XXL fonts library and they did work in the past without problems in other graphical application, so I don't understand why they doesn't work in Affinity Designer. Here are my tryed settings (but whatever I do, it is the same, the texts get converted to curves): I tryed to make a test file and uploaded some of these fonts. Here is the test document: test.afdesign Here is the PDF, try to select both text with the selection cursor in Adobe Reader or similar PDF reading apps: test.pdf Here are two fonts: fonts.zip Does someone have any idea? Thanks in advance.