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  1. Hi MEB, Thanks for your fast answer again. Best regards. Ton Den Bosch The Netherlands
  2. Hi every one, Its Me again, (:-)) Someone any idea ??? I have missed a number of updates of AP. run now with Just downloaded 1.6.4 and all intermediate versions. Do I have to perform all intermediate updates first? Thanks for help anyway
  3. @Alfred, @Lee D, and all of you, With problems I report here on the forum. When I have a solution it is certainly neat to report this here too. Well, with the update from 1.6.0.xx to my brushes have been repaired. However, I now missed the installed macros. I had this on disk and therefore re-imported and run again. Thanks again so far, Greetings Ton
  4. I hope that @Alfred, even if it stays "deafening" anyone have an idea?. My problem has not been solved yet.
  5. Thanks @Alfred, done what you said but no brushes. Or do I have to restart the laptop completely. please also view the attachment
  6. Hello all, It's me again ;-)) In addition to my previous problems, which arise after AP Update from 1.5 to 1.6 (which are partly solved), I have now discovered an other problem. All my default AP brushes have disappeared. Someone an idea how to get it back? I look forward to the solution Sincerely Ton
  7. Hello @R C-R, @Callumand all of you, This was the solution indeed. This was indeed the solution Thank you all for your work and patience with me. Best Regards Ton The Netherlands
  8. Hi Both of you, @Callum, and @Alfred, Alfred, thank you for calling in my previous post. Callum, if Alfred can not find these files, I can not do that at all. I'm a real beginner and do not know where to look for something. I thought importing was a matter of reading a file in "Tone Map Persona"> Presets. As with Macros, the case is. All default presets are gone.
  9. As an addition to the foregoing "Do the following: press and hold ⌃(ctrl) while launching the app (from the apps folder or Launchpad), then tick de last box (Reset Tone Map Presets) from the dialog that will open (remove the ticks from the others three on top) and press the Clear button" is not the solution here.
  10. Hi there, all, Since the APhoto update from version 1.5 to version 1.6, (on Windows 10) some issues have arisen and some of them are resolved. But the "Presets" in Tone Mapping Persona are no longer available. In the folder %ProgramFiles%\Affinity\Affinity Photo\Resources\Affinity\Photo\1.0\User is "tone_map.propcol" in there indeed. This with a date/time stamp from the last day I used this. Also is in Tone Mapping Persona mode, than Vieuw > Studio the option "Presets" ticked. So the panel for Presets on the left of the screen is available, but no Presets in there. And then I do'nt know anymore. Any idee where I can download this presets, so I can import these? Or maybee better, can you export yours (i saw that's possible too) send it to me, so I can import it; if this is possible of course Thanks so far. Sincerely Ton Den Bosch The Netherlands
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