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    It's listed in the first post in this topic, isn't it?
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    I think the difference in the number of lines & the shape they enclose would be enough to tell them apart, even for people with color blindness.
    That said, application icons are not something I spend much time looking at, so I don't care much what the look like as long as it is easy to tell one from another.
    Besides, if you dislike the Affinity beta ones that much, you can (on Macs at least) replace them with your own version, or maybe save the old 1.6 ones somewhere & replace the new ones with them. Like most other graphics resources, they can be found at path /Applications/Affinity Designer Beta.app/Contents/Resources/DesignerAppIcon.icns & similar path names for the other Affinity apps.
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    More in depth than the video tutorials? No there isn't. I think the video tutorials are one of our strengths rather than an area where we are "lacking"
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    They give you access to some of the most common Alignment operations you may need to do, and they're accessed from the selection box. Best way to describe it is by way of video:
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    Hi LCamachoDesign,
    The Light UI was probably the most requested feature since the beginning of this forum. There's a huge thread where it was requested/discussed and i'm pretty sure it's easy to find. You may not find it that useful but there's quite a large number of users that requested it. We are not prioritising the wrong features - they may not be the ones you are looking for - but they are useful for other users. We are aware of most requested features (we track the feature requests forum) but some of these requests may depend on other/work features that are not finished/complete yet or that present issues in the current version and as such must be delayed until they are ready/fixed, or may have been delayed due to some specific issue that's not working as desired yet and that the dev team isn't happy with or are dependent on other development conditions/constraints or what's planed for the 1.x cycle. For those reasons a voting system doesn't help as much as you may think as we can't prioritise things based simply on user requests. There's other factors at play here.
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    The disappointment of a few users may be more related with the high expectations they set for the products than to what the dev team could realistically achieve with the time and resources they had/have.
    Considering that Affinity products have barely reached three years on the market, are now present in three different platforms and are being created from scratch i don't think there's much to be disappointed with. We do miss some basic tools/features and we certainly don't cover all competition's functionality but that's expected if you are comparing Affinity to products that have more than two decades of development. It doesn't really matter what Adobe did two decades ago. They had to start/deal with a different set of problems not comparable to the ones software developers face today. Only time will help to close the tools/feature gap and i think most users are aware of this.
    Designer and Photo are what they are, with a price that's more than adjusted (i would say cheap) for what they offer - some users know how to take advantage of them and are already using them in production/commercially with what they offer, others will remain frustrated looking just for what they don't have yet. It's up to each one to decide how to look at it. The dev team has been doing their best to fulfil user's requests and fixing what they can and that's all we can promise. 
    There's nothing stopping users from using Affinity in conjunction with existing third party software if they find some functionality lacking/missing until we get there.