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  1. The debate is silly and futile. I completely agree with rui_mac ... Masking in AP is horrible and illogical and it is the main reason many people can not switch to AP despite its many advantages and their wish to do so. The developers are going the wrong route here anyway. They try to make some magic masks for hobby user to remove birds from sky and cars from selfies. Completely useless for serious work ... And those insulting automatic hair masking examples that can be sold only to someone who never did work on hair with low contrast relation to the background ... The odd thing is the blur and sharpen tool work so I gather there is little technical reason for other tools not to edit it in edit mode. Should simply become a grayscale layer in this mode - that would fix it ...
  2. Hansha

    Colorperfect Plugin Support

    Main reason for not switching to AP for me ...