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  1. UPDATE : Yay!! I have discovered that ruler guides snap to column guides with 'only snap to visible objects' selected in the snapping manager.
  2. video showing snapping and show/hide guides not working, also remove all guides not working Recording #1.mp4
  3. I have noticed the snap works with vector shapes but not with making selections. I will say it again , the show/hide guides command simply doesn't work and neither does remove all guides in the guides manager. Please do not ask me to deny the evidence of my own eyes, I will post a video of the behaviour later.
  4. IT DOES NOT WORK AS IT SHOULD !!! The snapping is barely noticeable and the shortcut to hide or show the guides DOES NOT WORK, the guides just stay on screen . I have tried it on 2 different windows PCs with the same result. Do you have issues with certain graphics card ?
  5. Just purchased Affinty photo and I am very disappointed by the way guides and snapping are implemented. In short snapping just doesn't work, you just can't tell whether snapping is on or off , its not positive enough when snapping to either guides or the grid , I have tried this on 2 separate machines and get the same result. Secondly show/hide guides is also not working , the guides just stay on screen , again this happens on 2 separate machines. You really need to check out how this REALLY BASIC FUNCTIONALITY works in Photoshop and other graphics programmes too because this is the worst I have ever seen. Please fix this asap.
  6. Had a brief look at affinity photo and whilst concluding this was good value for money software I was a bit disappointed by the absence of some basic Photoshop features,these are basic interface features which don't require fancy algorithms so I'm not sure why software which is trying to emulate Photoshop in so many other ways would leave them out, just my 2 cents worth. crop doesn't remove pixels outside document bounds layer visibility on wrong side of palette, most other progs use the Photoshop left side,this became surprisingly annoying , the eye icon would be nice too missing features: no copy/cut to new layer no default colour shortcut d no ctrl alt z to move back through history no hide selection - ctrl h no right click to bring up brush properties window
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