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  1. Not that I’ve heard or read. It is still a needed addition in my opinion. There’s an update coming that is allegedly a big rewrite of the program. Hopefully they address this and other much requested features.
  2. I'll bump this request feature by agreeing. It would be nice to see grouping capabilities when recording macros.
  3. Ok. I don't see a dialogue like that upon saving in AP. Maybe it's an operating system difference - I haven't run a Windows machine in a long time. But here is my rough workflow: When I export from LR to AP I do it using the "edit a copy with LR adjustments" setting in the dialogue box (this only appears when editing JPEG files however, not RAW. Those just produce the duplicate file and open in AP). I've attached a screen shot of my LR External Editing settings – maybe they'll help. I also make sure to flatten my layers in AP before I save back to LR. When I don't I do get a dialogue box asking to either save with "layers" or "Save As". But I rarely save unflattened. Good luck. Maybe someone else can give better advice for you.
  4. In my workflow on a Mac, there is no "option" to overwrite the PSD file in LR really. After saving changes in Affinity Photo, when you return to LR the PSD file should automatically update itself with changes made in AP. It is at this step (the tiff/psd file updating with changes) that I am seeing a long lag.
  5. Interesting. I don't see the lag at all using the latest versions of PS and LR together. Only with Affinity.
  6. Is there still work being done on the efficiency of round-tripping from Lightroom to Affinity Photo 1.5.1 and back to Lightroom? I'm seeing a lot of lag in Affinity edited files being updated in LR. Is anyone else? I am exporting from LR as 16 bit, TIFF Prophoto RGB files at 300 resolution. Affinity Photo has no issues creating the new TIFF file in LR's catalog and opening the file upon export. After editing in Affinity I flatten the image and save (⌘-S) it. The changes do make it back into LR, but the recognition of those changes in the tiff file by LR is very slow. Often up to a minute. At times clicking off of the thumbnail to another non-Affinity edited photo and back to the new tiff file will help speed the process.
  7. Discovered this thread about the same issue of not having modifier key utilities while making a selection. Sounds like the Affinity team is on it for a future update.
  8. Good to hear. I asked a similar question and added a feature request recently on this issue of no modifier keys with selections.
  9. Your suggestion is essentially the same as the Quick Mask mode. I'm hoping for the addition of the quicker spacebar (or any keyboard key really) method of repositioning a selection as a time saver and easier UI. If I can reposition my selection as I make it with a single key press and avoid have to switch to the Quick Mask and then switch to the Move tool and then switch back out of the QM mode and back to my marquee too – all the better. I also dislike how when more than one selection is made they are treated as a unified selection (even with quick mask method), and thus, trying to reposition one selection will then move the other as well which may or may not realign it with my intended selection. Here is an example that keeps bumping me up against this issue: I'm a photographer. When I want to edit eye irises in photoshop I use the oval marquee tool to select the iris of one eye on a person. I rarely have it lined up as much with the iris as I would like, so as I drag out the selection I use the space bar to reposition the selection. After I have the first selection in position over the 1st iris, in "add" mode I then drag out and reposition using the spacebar a second selection over the other iris. Using a quick mask, I remove the pupil from the selections, switch out of QM and I have my irises selected. I then copy the irises to a new layer for any adjustments I want. In Affinity Photo this workflow is complicated with multiple quick mask switching and tool changing. It is also thrown totally off because the separate selections are treated as one unified selection, so trying to move the 2nd selection (even in quick mask mode) will move both selections - which rarely lines up both with each iris. Granted I am trying to carry a workflow from PS to Affinity and, as I said above, I am not trying to have Affinity pigeonholed into a PS ecosystem, but the repositioning selection issue can be much more simplified with a keyboard button that allows for reposition selections while making them. Matt
  10. I'd like to see the ability to position a marquee tool selection while forming it. Similar to how holding down the spacebar while dragging out a selection in Photoshop gives the user the ability to reposition the selection, and then, when releasing the spacebar, continue to shape the selection. It would be good if while in "add" mode that selections are able to be positioned independently as well instead of being treated as one universal selection and moved as one. Matt ------ I explain more about the issue I am describing HERE in this forum post and give an example of when I bump up against it.
  11. Thanks for the replies. The quick mask method is a work around, but I'm going to suggest in the "Feature Requests" forum that positioning of a selection while forming it be added. To be honest, I don't like to pigeon hole Affinity and force a Photoshop ecosystem on it, but PS has had years of development and user input that have ironed out little things like this that make editing/designing more user friendly. Matt
  12. Maybe I'm simply missing this, but is there any way to shift a selection around as I form it? To clarify, for those familiar with Photoshop, when you are dragging out a marquee selection by holding the spacebar down you can shift the position of the selection around. Is there a similar ability in Affinity Photo? On my Mac I've tried the spacebar, ⌘, option, ctrl, and shift all with no success. I'm fully updated to 1.5.1 as well. I appreciate any help. Matt
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