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  1. Hello Designer Team. Would you like add curvature tool? I think it's easier to use than pen tool. It will very useful. Thank you.
  2. I like Affinity designer very much. Inner shadows now start with stroke,In most cases, this is not necessary.
  3. I know it can now be done with border text. But large paragraphs of text can be cumbersome. This kind of typesetting is very common in Eastern countries, such as Japan, South Korea and China. I wonder if you could consider adding this function, just like Adobe Illustrator.
  4. I have uninstall Designer 1.6 and 1.7 beta ,maybe use wrong way ,and I use everything Deleted everything about affinity file the 1.7 doesn't install yet , I want reinstall. Thanks
  5. This is displayed every time I open it. I dont't need this when I click yes it will crash. LOOOOP!
  6. Hello,Affinity Team: I am a Chinese, but I don't understand "存储" is here. the store hear is means shop (“商店”) “存储”means disk is very different with “商店” https://affinity.serif.com/zh-cn/
  7. Thanks for your help. I don't remember maybe have some alert. I backup this file not nearly, two day works lost. Anyway I enjoy the work.
  8. Hi Chris, This is the file. Thanks so much can not opened.afdesign
  9. Hello, I use Affinity Designer on windows 10 When I edit this file yesterday ,the file didn't open ever. And the file size changed from 50MB to 6MB. Could you help me
  10. Hello Affinity Team, when I export a picture the size change 1px Have a nice day.
  11. I add some Vector graphics and some motion blur effect to Assets , and it crashes . I can't use assets Again. So how to Delete this asset before crash add or have some other solutions. Thanks Very much. Add to Asset Crashes .afdesign
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