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  1. As a photographer whose images are in museums, color judgement is critical to me. I have a 10-bit path showing 100% of ARGB. In order to do this accurately, one needs an environment that is LIGHT (such as the light grays of this very forum). I realize you're aesthetically fond of the dark environment, but any photographer worth his salt will tell you it screws up color and luminosity perception. If you doubt me, please see the attached image from: http://web.mit.edu/persci/people/adelson/checkershadow_illusion.html. Look at the light surrounds of the A square and the dark surrounds of the B square. Humans are not wired to see A and B as the same tone, as this example makes stunningly clear. So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE allow us to select a light UI with black text. (Yes: as a retired programmer, I -do- realize that this will take some effort on your part, as all your icons are white; the font is white... I get it.) But this is a fundamental and nearly crippling mistake in your UI. Please fix it.
  2. Well, here's yet another 2-cents: photographs are display most often in a white matte. The surrounding environment affects how you perceive color, any number of tests prove that, and it's not something you can "get used to" either, since it's built into our brains. Therefore, working in a light background and environment is really quite important for accurate work, color or B&W. Take a look at these if you think you can see without being so influenced: http://brainden.com/color-illusions.htm I've seen this in myself and in others, so I too am voting for a color ui that looks more like the background here, rather than the currently fashionable but ultimately harmful dark one.
  3. Hello everyone. While I was delighted with (& purchased) Designer, I'm close to ecstatic about Photo. As a fine-art photographer (www.valleau.gallery) whose work goes to collectors and museums, I spend a lot of time hunched over Photoshop.... and I have a small fortune invested in plugins for it. Without Photo's ability to import and use those, it would have been a non-starter for me. So far I'm completely impressed by what the Affinity team has done, considering the level of competition. If I find I can switch out of my Adobe "subscription" and into Affinity Photo's arms, I'll do so. In fact, I'm slightly frustrated that I can't provide you with payment of some kind right now, just to underscore my support for you. I'm delighted to be here. :)
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