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  1. Jfullerco

    I won a retouch contest using affinity photo for ipad

    Awesome work!! Great retouch!!
  2. Jfullerco

    JR Macros (Workflow Aids, Tonal Effects)

    Thanks James! These are great! Wondered if you could give a brief overview of what’s happening when we use the edge mask. I like the look however I like to understand what it does in order to better use the workflow tools. Thanks again!!
  3. You can also duplicate the macro, deselect all options up to the point of insertion, save the macro, edit the duplicate deselecting all the actions from insertion to end, save macro and then run macro 1, add necessary actions, run macro 2 and save. Thatll minimize duplicate entries. That said, I’ve found that macros should really be minimized to between 5-10 actions max and then several bundled in a folder as a workflow. It makes the editing process a lot easier and gives more flexibility during an edit. Having more than 10 actions begins to become a “one click” edit approach which will leave lots of room for missing important adjustments along the edit/workflow...