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  1. As a Final - Here is what I discovered. I had assigned a icc profile for "sheetfed uncoated". I went into document set up and assigned a profile of "Generic CMYK". When I printed text was solid - no screening. I suspect when printing "Sheetfed uncoated" the program assumes you are sending off to a RIP which will do some conversions. When I create a PDF I always do NOT include any profile and the printer (via prepress) will assign their own press or digital profile. This solves a problem!! Thanks again for everyones input. This was a very good discussion. Jim K
  2. Thanks to all for all the investigative work. I'll be messing more based on some of the tilts all have provided. I indicated in an earlier pay usually when sending files too PrePress we send as a PDF gone are the days off sending folders with everything - at least in most cases. It just bugged me that when printing from InDesign text was printed solid but with publisher it was screen. I'll post some of my results. Jim K
  3. Lagarto - great info. I know any file I create, for example, an Indigo it has to be in CMYK not RGB. If I pirnt from Publisher to my brother printer I get text screening. If I pirnt from InDesign I don’t get text screening. Based on your comments, I’m going to recheck my prefs and icc profiles. Jim K
  4. A_B_C - Thats a good point that I will check out; however, when printing from Acrobat Pro it prints fine. I do know some lasers will do that conversation but I'm not sure mine does. I have to check it out and thanks! Jim K
  5. Thanks MikeW and FirstDefense. Actually I would have exported to PDF (as I usually do when uploading work to our PrePress; however, in this case the sheet size was 4.75 x 7.5 and being printed on a 8-1/2 x 11 sheet. Unfortunately would not allow me to put crop marks, etc., so when I printed I didn't get that. Thanks again!! JimK
  6. I had not noticed this before but under a Loupe I saw that my 100% black text was being screened (Halftoned) in Publisher, Photo and Designer. BTW, I can see this in Photoshop as well so I'm not blaming Affinity totally! The images attached were printed from Publisher to a Brother color laser printer. The color was CMYK printing the text at 100% Black. I have checked everything in publisher (photo and Designer) and everything is set correct. Just to cut through the chase I work in the printing industry and have for many years so this caught me by surprised. I can export the document as a PDF and when printed on the same printer the text prints solid not screened. Any ideas on this or is anyone else experiencing this?? Thanks Jim K
  7. Not sure why this is happening but I create black text (100% K for CMYK) when I print to a laser printer it prints the text as screened text. I have tried everything and can't seem to figure why Publisher is doing that. Opacity is at 100%, etc. Anybody got ideas?? Thanks JK
  8. Please Affinity - if you eventually come out with a work book make it a spiral bound book, not perfect bound. Spiral bound book is so much easier to work with - lays flat, etc. The perfect bound is hard to keep open!! So far Loving Publisher and the Studio!! James
  9. Thanks!! I thought that was the case but wanted to check in case I missed something. Thanks again James
  10. I know how to create spot colors (non PMS colors) in Designer on the Mac but I can’t figure how to create a spot color in Designer on my iPad Pro. Any is there a way?? James
  11. Many thanks for helping resolve this issue. You might want to let the developers know I had the same issue in Designer and Photo. Thanks again!! James
  12. Wosven - Thanks for the info. Tomorrow I’m gong to try that as well. What really interesting is usually when the PDF comes into us (the printer) we use our press profile or digital file, for example Indigo. Most clients today supply a PDF file unlike the old das when the supplied a folder with all the Indesgin or Quark files. I’ll let you know what I find. Thanks again, James
  13. OK, I did another "experiment". In Afdesigner I opened the Vince's file again and changed the profile to Sheetfed uncoated. I created a new Afpub doc using the same profile. I then placed the Afdesigner file, with the same profile, and exported it two ways. One with the embedded profile and one without the embedded profile.The PDF with the embedded profile had all the black as a four color build. The one without the embedded profile had all the black as 100% as it should be. Second "experiment". I left the Afdesign file as Uncoated sheetfed (same as before). I then created a new Afpub doc with a different profile (coated sheetfed). This time embedded or non-embedded both the PDF exports were a four color build. So right now it seems that you want both the Afdesign and Afpub docs to have the same profile. I did try changing the Afpub profile to Sheetfed coated and as you said that did not work at all - embedded or not. I also left the Afdesign profile as Sheetfed Uncoated then assigning the Afpub to the same when I exported to a PDF with the same results. Or for now, it does seem that is the answer - not a good one but an answer. Keep the profiles the same in Afdesigner and Afpub, don't embed and it works. I tested in my original Afpub file and that worked. I do hope the developers know about this issue and resolve it. BTW, I heard a great interview with Serif's Managing Director this on the Pod Cast TWIP (This week in Photo). Nice interview -Looking forward to versions of 1.7 photo/designer. Thanks again for all your help. This has been very helpful since I work In printing industry (offset and high end digital). James
  14. Many thanks for all you help on this issue. I did the same. Created a file in Designer with a box that was 100% black and one that was around 270% four color build. The profile I used was sheetfed uncoated. I then created a Afpub document with the same profile then placed the Designer file I created with the same uncoated sheetfed uncoated. I then exported the Afpub file to a PDF but embedded the profile. When I went into Acrobat and checked separations, the 100% was now a four color build and of course the other object was still a four color build but not the same percentages I used in Designer. I then exported another PDF from Afpub but this time I unchecked. To embed the profile and when in Acrobat and checked separations the 100% was indeed 100% black and the other element the correct four color build. So it does appear there is a work around but I think this issue should be provided to the developers as this could be a issue in the print industry. Many times the creative will create the files and provide them to the printer who upon receiving the file ma not know what profile was used plus the printer will use their own press or digital profile. Any additional thoughts?? Thanks again. I’ll mess more with this later today. I love Affinity Photo and Designer and it’s nice to have a option against Adobe and their subscription model. I also love having both apps on my iPad Pro. Thanks again! James
  15. Understand. I'll make this a lot easier. I just created a Publisher file with the Designer file (that is 100% black). I've also attached the exported PDF and you will see the 100% K has been converted to four color build. James Test_Pub_Document.afpub Test Pub File.pdf

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