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  1. I am running version 1.7 beta and you are correct - I was able to import images from a CD. Normally one would transfer images from a CD to a drive but not always. Thanks!!
  2. I’ll try placing the file tomorrow. I had a similar problem when trying to place an image from a CD into Affinity Publisher. I have not tried Designer - I’ll do that tomorrow.
  3. Thanks - Yes, if I copy the images from the CD to the Mac’s hard drive they open just fine. If I try to open them from the Images CD I get the “Read Only” error. James
  4. I just discovered an interesting item. In Affinity Photo I tried opening an image from a CD. I got an error telling me it can't open it as it is a "Read only image" That same image opens find from the CD in Photoshop CC. Is this a bug in Affinity Photo?? James
  5. It turns out the the specialized EPS file I am using is converting everything to CMYK. I have provided that file to the engineers at Serif. Once I deleted the EPS file everything worked fine. The EPS file is a specialized digital printing target. It’s only 4.5 megs but takes forever to place in Publisher and Designer. It’s a very weird file. However, that being said the file works without any issues with InDesign but has issues with Illustrator. Thanks for your help! Sky
  6. I have created several blocks in a form: Some as 100% black, some are 100% Cyan and the same for Magenta and Yellow. In the form are some 4-color images as well. The color profile is set for CMYK for high end digital printing. When I create a PDF all the 100% items are converted to CMYK!! What?? So my black, for example, is now a 100% build of CMYK. How the heck do I create PDF's and keep items that are 100% at 100% in the PDF and a 4-color build?? James
  7. Yes, I checked and I am set that way - Click or tap with two fingers. Thats why I'm puzzled. Skyking
  8. Hi Chris, I’m using both a trackpad (iMac) and a tablet but the right menu was occurring with the trackpad. I’ll have to check in system prefs and see what may be going on. Usually with the Mac trackpad two fingers activates the right click menu. I was only using one finger. Thanks for your help! Skyking
  9. I've just noticed with images - When importing an image sometimes when I click on an image, say to duplicate or move it, I keep getting the right click menu. I keeping clicking on the image and I keep getting the right click menu, even though I'm not use a right click. Second issue - I'll have, say, 6 images on a page. I want to move them all so I will select one and hold down the shift key to select the others but I might be able to select one other but have trouble selecting all the others. The select keeps moving around. Skyking
  10. Did you get the file and if you did what did you think?? Skyking
  11. JFisher - Attached is the EPS file that won't work and hangs up not only Publisher Beta but Affinity Designer as well. I have not tried it in Affinity Photo. Please keep this file to yourself as it is a proprietary files used for digital press testing. Thanks. Let me know what you get. Skyking! [EDIT] File removed. [/EDIT]
  12. There must be something weird with this file. But, it imports into InDesign just fine. I have tried some other EPS images and they imported OK. So, no clue on this one. James
  13. I tried importing an EPS image on a blank page in Publisher. When I get the file all I get is a spinning beach ball. I let it go for a while but eventually I have to Force Quit the app. I even moved the file to another drive with the same hang up. I tied importing the EPS in Affinity Designer with the same effect. Locks up Designer and I have to force quit. Ironically I can import the EPS image into Pages just fine!! If you want to check the EPS image let me know. James K
  14. I was able to resolve the issue. Turns out, for some wierd reason, I had the tablet plugged into a USB 3.0 7 station hub. When I plugged it into my iMac keyboard the tablet worked great with Affinity Photo, Designer and the beta of Publisher. The keyboard is a USB 2.0 keyboard. Not sure why this worked but it did. Issue resolved plus the tablet is a great tablet. James