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  1. Mixed ink swatches would help me a lot !!!!
  2. I had the same problem and a restart helped
  3. yes I did but the open recent is still empty. like I said I do not have that problem with Designer
  4. I have a problem with "open recent" on Publisher 1.8.4 its always empty. I do not have the problem designer. is there anything I can do? thanks
  5. thanks for the info. Didn't know about this similar topic
  6. in illustrator for example I can see the Position of the Guide by clicking on it
  7. Hi everybody! I have a document with many guides. (in Publisher or Designer) To find out the exact position of a guide (or to find out which guide is which) I have to move the guide(s) to see in the position in the "guides manager" . In this case I have to reposition the guide(s) I moved. Would it be possible to change that behaviour? For me it would be easier if by clicking on the guide, this specific guide (resp. the position of this specific guide) would be highlighted in the "guides manager" or if I click on a guides position in the "guides manager" the guide in the document would be highlighted. thanks!!!!
  8. Hi I try to switch a project from indesign to publisher. I use "mixed ink " colour type and create a colour out of 100% HKS89 + 50% HKS88. And on other pages different mixes of these to basic spot colours HKS89 + HKS88 I there an option in publisher for "mixed ink " colour type ? thanks
  9. hi I want to open a document that I did in afdesigner 1.72 by double clicking o the document in the document folder it opens always a afdesigner beta version and asks for a product key... anything I make wrong or a bug? this doesn't happen if I open a afpublisher file
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