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  1. Here's a vid with instructions on how to use PSD mock-up files in Affinity Photo. There are other vids as well. Search something like "affinity photo 3D PSD mock-ups". Hope this helps.
  2. Should just be to have snapping turned on. There is a button on the upper toolbar with a magnet on it. Click that to turn on snapping. Click the dropdown arrow next to the snapping magnet to choose which specific elements to snap to (grids, guides, points, object geometry, etc.). Hope this helps.
  3. Sure send me a link and I'll send it to you. It is a free download found on numerous mock-up sites.
  4. Thanks. I knew I would most likely need to add RAM. Was my plan but haven't done it yet.
  5. Is there a trick to getting a 3D PSD to open correctly in AP? Or a setting to tweak? I already made sure to tick 'Import smart objects when possible'. I have tried a couple of "Signwall" 3D PSD mockup files and on both the Your Logo Here layer will not completely load. I also tried downsizing the doc to see if that would help... nope. Is there a certain amount of RAM required on PC laptops to ensure this works correctly? I have 4GB but can add more if that is the issue. Screenshot example attached shows how much of that layer will load.
  6. Thanks Dan. Reducing RAM and Undo limits ultimately did not help. Machine still locked up. It can happen in any doc. Ya never know when its gonna bite. I've not been able to replicate it, it just happens randomly. I will say this - it does seem to happen if AD has been left open for a long while (an hour+). And, it has happened a few times when zooming using the mouse wheel. When the issue occurs, the entire machine locks up. No way to force quit app or anything like that. The only option is hold power button down to force shutdown and start over. It has also occurred before when trying to use Add or Subtract operations with objects that had many, many nodes. I have since purchased a new PC laptop (yuck!) and the apps are stable. No crashes or lock-ups thus far on that platform. The instability on the old iMac was driving me insane. Performance Prefs attached. I have tinkered with View Quality and Retina Rendering as well trying to resolve this.
  7. Got my vote. Offset path feature would be very useful. I used it a lot when in Illustrator.
  8. The way I have closed this gap is to break the node where the gap is into 2, then tinker with the position of those nodes. The shape still fills, if wanted. I too would very much like the ability to create custom vector brushes in AD from objects such as rough hand-drawn lines or sections of copy. I need them to stay vector, not be imported as raster. If it exists in the latest version I haven't found it yet.
  9. Thanks Old Bruce. Yes, I learned that earlier today in the beta forum. I completely forget to check app store for Affinity updates. I downloaded the latest version from app store and also " beta" from Affinity for testing. Still have issues about which I posted in the beta forum. The version locked up my machine after working around an hour.
  10. This has become a major issue. Earlier this evening I turned the machine back on fresh and was drawing a simple paw shape. Also in the doc was a set of trees I had just welded together in frickin Inkscape... since it will weld shapes without issue and without crashing my system. Was almost done drawing the shape and (CRAP!) the entire system locks up... again! Yet another forced shutdown for the day. Is AD incapable of handling anything where vector objects may have more than a few nodes?! Or, could this have something to do with drawings originating or being edited in other software then opened in AD? Beyond frustrating as the software is becoming almost unusable. Ideas or fixes?! AP tends to do the same thing to my machine (severe stalls or lock-up) but I'm not in it nearly as often as AD. Please help?
  11. The newest version (1.8.1) is still locking my machine up when trying to Union, Combine (Xor) or Subtract complex vector objects. For example, a field of vector distress marks I need to first Ungroup, then Combine as one object so it can be used as a 'cookie-cutter' for Subtract on another object. Locks it up every time and have to force shutdown. I have tried app reset as mentioned above but it didn't resolve. I have also Verified and Repaired disk. What makes this scenario really sad - I can use Inkscape to do any of these same functions without issue. I can just barely tolerate working in Inkscape but am forced to with AD failing on these specific Geometry tasks. I've gone back & forth with the Performance RAM settings, and I keep the Undo limit way, way down from default. Nothing seems to help. Does anyone have any other suggestions on this? Would a crash report help? I kept a copy of the last one I received from system when I left a task in process to see if it would ever succeed. Let me know.
  12. For what it's worth - I went into the Performance prefs on both AD & AP and significantly lowered RAM Usage Limit and Undo Limit. For some reason by default these are both very, very high. Seemed to help. I was able to finish the project that was giving me fits earlier with no freezes. We'll see if this works long-term.
  13. Nothing has improved. Seems to be especially bad when working with several vector objects in a clip (layer mask). I've had to force shut down and restart my machine twice in the last half hour while trying to tweak a design. EDIT: I started importing a multipage PDF to edit in AD (had 4 or 5 pages). I had to step away before going thru with the import. When I came back, machine was completely locked up on the PDF import screen. I forced a restart and imported the PDF without issue, as long as I did it right then and didn't let the mac rest during the process. Also - I'm not in Affinity Photo as much as Designer, but the latest version of Photo is doing the same thing - causing machine to freeze up or slow to a maddening crawl. AD team - any suggestions or fixes? I realize this is a bit of a ghost-chase. Using current version of AD is rendering my machine almost useless for design.
  14. I am also regretting the upgrade. Ever since loading 1.8, it seems to really be hogging my system resources. It's an older iMac (OS 10.10.5). I've tried a couple of times today to open and work on a file (originated in AI) that has a LOT of nodes; it is several layers of tire tracks with lots of knobbies. The objects come in grouped. When I ungroup (attempting to get down to just one of the objects) my entire machine lags. Web browsers, mail, etc. If I even can get force quit to open, I quit AD and try again. Or force power down the machine. What I've found thus far in forum is that it's not possible to revert back to previous version if purchased thru App Store. Not happy. Anyone have suggestions to help remedy this issue, short of buying a new machine? Previous version of AD also seemed to have trouble working in files with lots of nodes (complex objects).
  15. Yeah I don't typically keep a lot of programs open. Sometimes Affinity Photo is also active but not often. Mail or Safari is about it. Thank you for the suggestion! I'll give it a shot.
  16. Screens attached of system specs and of activity monitor with AD open. Activity monitor is a new one on me; the info there is changing constantly so not sure what to look for.
  17. I use an older iMac running Yosemite (OS 10.10.5). Affinity Designer for the most part has been great, but every now and then it will lock up my entire system. The only way to get back to work is to force shutdown my machine. Very frustrating as I've not been able to pinpoint a cause. It has bitten me several times so I save often. Anyone else had this issue and is there a fix? I will add... I use a trackball with a scroll wheel and I use the wheel for quickly zooming in & out. More than a few times the freeze has occurred as I scroll to zoom into a document. However, that has NOT been the only times it has locked up. Hopefully someone can help.
  18. I was afraid of that. My first clue should have been exporting as raster (PNG). Thanks for the info and the screenshot MEB! Very helpful to see how much tweaking can be done in the pressure graph. Looking forward to the vector brush engine improvements.
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