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  1. Hi annie, Since your problem does not pertain to OpenCL, here's a link that Sean sent me. Not sure if it will help but just let me know if you need anything Regarding some screenshot apps, if u you are using Mac, you can use Shift+Command+3. If you are on Windows, you can use Snipping Tool. Another great application I personally use since it is very quick and easy to use as it is right there is called LightShot.
  2. Sorry, been busy lately. Is it ok if I get back to you on this? Thanks!
  3. Good Evening, I actually got it to work and the problem seemed to be that OpenCL was on. Once I turned it off everything started to work. Thank you very much for helping me and being very active. Was very nice to have quick help when needed. Again, thanks a lot and I hope you have a good day!
  4. Still nothing, here is what shows up: Also how do I get the Beta Test?
  5. Still nothing. Here's a photo of me trying to draw and also the Brush Editor
  6. Still nothing. Brushes are still having the same issue
  7. Good Evening Sean, Even when reinstalling or even repairing Affinity with no anti-virus software or Windows Real-Time Protection, I still have no brushes and cannot use the pixel persona on Designer or Photo. Another weird thing is, I currently have said file (raster_brushes.propcol) in my folder. I hope that this can be solved as soon as possible since I use Affinity for work and also to annotate PDF's. Thanks
  8. Good Afternoon, I've recently been trying to use Affinity Designer after the 1.9 update but came across some kind of bug. When in the Designer Persona, all brush models are clearly seen and can be used. When transferring to the Pixel Persona on the other hand, all brushes turn invisible and cannot be used. I have tried using the "Clear User Data" dialog by holding 'Ctrl' but it still has not solved my issue. Here are photos to help anyone out.
  9. Thank you! Snapping to object geometry was the one I was looking for
  10. I want to use my vector that I just made as a guide when I use the pen tool. How do I make the pen tool snap to different points of my vector?
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