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  1. Okay, thanks for your fast reply! On Affinity Designer do I need to use the Artboard tool to do this?
  2. Hi there, Sorry if this is a really obvious question! I just wondered how you resize a document while maintaining the aspect ratio of the content in the document? Basically, I sell prints online, and I want my art to be in A1 size, as well as 2:3, 3:4, 4:5 ratios etc. When I go to resize, either the art changes ratio along with the page, or I have to manually drag the art to be the right size (it then changes the detail in my picture). Is there an easy way of doing this? Thanks! Jessica
  3. Hi there, I'm pretty new to Affinity Photo, but I'm just trying to export an image that I have been editing (noise reduction, brightness levels.. basic things) and it is taking ages. I've selected to export as a JPEG but nothing is happening. The image I have been editing is about 4.5MB so wouldn't expect it to take so long. Do you know why this is happening? Thanks Jessica
  4. Hi there! I’ve just started doing digital illustrations using AD and I’m having a lot of fun! I thought I’d share some of my latest ones to see what you think? Have a good day, Jessica - Grafico Design
  5. Hi there, I’m not really sure how to describe this best, but sometimes when I use AD, the software seems to go wrong and I can’t drag or resize items. It seems like it ‘locks’ and it’s only at certain times. I then have to close and reopen AD and it seems to be okay for a while, but is very annoying! I use a Wacom tablet so not sure if that is anything to do with it, but still it shouldn’t be a problem. It started after the latest software update. Let me know if you want me to explain further. Has anyone else experienced this? Thanks, Jessica
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